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Pins of the Week 3

By Kwilliford @ExquisiteEczema
Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  I have backed off a little so I can help and spend time with my family.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Anyhow, it is time for my "Pins of the Week" post. Source: via Kristen on Pinterest1.) This is a sculpture by a German artist named Julian Voss-Andreae and it is called Heart of Steel (Hemoglobin).  I found this while looking for pictures to use for my most recent article for Interactive Biology and thought it was amazing.  The first image shows the sculpture after it was constructed and the next two show it after exposure to the elements.Source: via Kristen on Pinterest2.)I love everything about this outfit, expect I'm not a fan of the clutch.  I don't like rosettes that much. Everything else is perfect, though.3.) I'm on a mission to find this shadow.  Normally I'm not a huge fan of green, but something about this shade works for me.  I love how it makes her blue eyes pop.  And I think I have finally found a similar shade at The Body Shop. The shade is 44, or Golden Meadow.   Source: via Kristen on Pinterest4.) Gorgeous.Source: via Kristen on Pinterest5.) I love the shimmer cubes, and finally picked up this particular one because of this look.  Plus I have additional ideas for it, too. :)Source: Uploaded by user via Moorea on Pinterest6.) This is an amazing outdoor space.  I can easily see myself relaxing here, and it would be less maintenance than a large backyard.  I believe the building in the top left is a sauna.

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