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Paul Walker

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Paul WalkerA few days ago, I heard the tragic news that Hollywood actor Paul Walker has passed away in a car crash, I literally couldn't believe it, thought it was one of those hoax's, but it was real.
Paul was best known for his role as Bryan O'Connor in the fast and furious movies, which have simply exploded in popularity. He was also a very athletic guy. I remember when he was on the cover of Men's Health, reading about his lifestyle which was different to what I expected to be honest. I thought he would be someone in the gym a lot, as he has active roles in his movies, but he didn't use the gym much. He loved being outdoors, getting exercise by surfing, rock climbing, bike riding etc. He just seemed like a very active guy who lived life to the full. I did read that he once said something like, if he died because of speed, don't weep for me, because its what he loved. That sums the guy up to be honest.
Many people think you have to be in the gym all the time in order to get fit, but you don't. No, Mr Walker was not 'ripped' or 'tanked', but he was fit and athletic and he became that by living an active lifestyle and did the things he loved doing. I think that is great to see, as most 'big names' that are in shape tend to share their exercises, reps, sets etc, whereas Paul was simply active, and it worked for him. He was always in shape and able to perform the scenes in his movies, and I think that is down to his pure acting talent and his fitness.
Rest in peace Paul Walker - you will not be forgotten

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