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Passing Along Some Information

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

We aren’t there yet but some of you may be. This site is to help college students with disabilities so this may be worth checking out if you have a child with a disability approaching (or already at) college age. It’s called We Connect Now

Also check out this app Stories About Me if you have an ipad. I haven’t had a chance to look at it too much yet but it’s a social story telling app and you may find it useful and hopefully I’ll have time to check it out soon because Adrian loves getting on the ipad.

Reggie Sanders Wiffle Ball Tournament for Autism Video

This next link is pretty cool it’s called The Barefoot Review and it’s a website where poets with disabilities and their care takers can share their poems! Very cool so check that one out if you’re a writer.

Check out this story about the store Our Thrift Store, it’s inspiring. The goal of Our Thrift Store is to provide jobs and training to people with disabilities. Watch the video, it’s only a few minutes and it’s really informative and inspiring.

These were just a fraction of links that were shared with me via email. I got behind and I’m just not caught up yet with sharing all the valuable resources that have been shared with me. I will keep trying though in between all the other stuff so feel free to keep sharing with me and I’ll try to pass along the information.

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