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By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

Sanura had an eye doctor appointment yesterday afternoon. She’d been having some trouble seeing the board from the back of the room. It turns out she needs to wear glasses at school, her vision is 20/50 so that’s not bad but enough where she can benefit from wearing glasses at school. During the eye exam the doctor was asking her the usual “Is one better or two?” then switching the lenses and again “Is three better or four?” Well she would just say the number and he would move on but towards the end of the exam he said “One or two?” and she said “One” and he said “One is better?” and she said “One” and he said “One is better!?” and she said “one” and he said “One is better?!?!” and he was getting increasingly agitated. I explained to Sanura that he was asking if one was better. I guess she wasn’t picking up from his tone that he was asking her a question. He was out of line with his attitude and we won’t be seeing him again. He was nice for the most part but the extreme irritation by her not understanding he was asking her a question was too much. Sanura also really had trouble following his light with her eyes, she kept moving her head and not just her eyes. I could tell that was really hard for her.

After the exam Sanura got to go out and pick some frames, that’s the fun part. She picked some cute purple frames. They were my favorite too so I was glad she picked them. Anyway, all is well, exam is done, glasses are bought.

Adrian has had a good week at school. I got to talk to his teacher today for a little while. The only thing he’s been doing is refusing to take his red sweatshirt off at school. He never takes it off at home either so it was not a surprise. I have to wrestle it away from him here and there to wash it but you’ll almost always seem him in that red, fleece, zippered jacket. This wouldn’t be a problem except it’s been in the 80′s and even 90′s some this week here. I am going to take and hide it soon but we’re expected some 60 degree weather this weekend where the jacket will be appropriate so I’m going to let him have it at least through the weekend.

Adrian has also been insisting on wearing the same pajamas to bed every night. Ever since he started picking out his own clothes and dressing himself in March he has been very very particular about what he wears. He used to never care. He would just put on whatever I gave him. Not anymore! He has his opinions and they don’t always match up with what the weather is doing so we have a little work to do in that department.

Adrian has still been pretty obsessed with Universal Studios but he’s also been jotting down “Disney”, “Pixar”, & “Sony” and he’s excited looking over my shoulder as I type these in which makes me giggle, here is his most recent collection of film making companies:

Our Week

Nevaeh is doing good. She saw the OT today at school and they are working with her on holding her pencil properly. (she’s still doing a fist grip on her pencil) The OT apparently was shocked at how neat Nevaeh’s handwriting and drawings are considering the way she holds her pencil.

Lincoln is doing great at his speech therapy. They’re always telling me how impressed they are with how well he’s done. The only thing he’s not wanting to do right now is physical imitation. I will hear them say “Lincoln, do this!” and then I hear them clap or slap their knees or whatever they’re trying to get him to do and he screams! He hates it. They’re trying a few things like adding sounds with the actions like “boom boom boom” while slapping knees and that seems to hold his interest a little better.

So that’s been our week. We have lots of changes on the horizon for our family. Some big decisions that are scary and stressful! We’d appreciate all the prayers we can get!

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