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Online Educational Games

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

My kids have always loved getting on the computer and playing games. We are a gadget and gizmo family, my hubby is a system administrator and tries to stay current on technology for his job but we also both enjoy electronics and so do our kids. I limit it and we certainly don’t just play games for school but when I am busy with one kid sometimes I’ll pull up a game for the other kid during our school day. Here are some of the ones we play:

IXL has math games from preschool through grade 8.

Cool Math 4 Kids has lessons, games and activities from addition through fractions and division.

Starfall is a well-known phonics and reading site that both Nevaeh and Adrian play on occasionally.

Kaboose-Funschool has tons of fun ideas and games.

Abcya has tons of games for Kindergarten-grade 5

And if you have an iphone, check out this app called Fun Finder, it’s free and is definitely one of my favorites apps. It has tons of ideas of educational, hands-on activities you can do to help reinforce concepts you teach in homeschool or that your teacher teaches them at school.

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