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By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
This is something that i get asked often by female clients and women in general. Does weight loss affect breast size?
Well, breasts are mostly made up of fatty tissue. Considering weight loss plans are made up of fat burning exercises, then breast size will be affected. Breasts are also made up of 'the mammary glands', responsible for producing milk. If someone's breasts are made up more of mammary glands (a pregnant lady for example) then weight loss will not alter the size that much. However, if someone's breasts are made up mostly by fatty tissue, then losing a lot of weight will affect the size, resulting in a smaller band and cup size.
One thing to keep in mind, is the word 'proportion'. Lets take someone who is overweight but also has a large chest as an example. If that woman loses a lot of weight, including a reduction in breast size, the 'proportion' size of a smaller frame with smaller breasts will be similar to a larger frame with larger breasts. This is because if you lose a lot of weight, waist/hip/chest measurement will get smaller, you will become a 'smaller person', so having a smaller bust will actually be a similar proportion to being overweight with a big bust.
To help avoid 'sagging', you want to lost weight at a safe rate. If you lost a lot of weight in a short space of time, your body will not have time to react. However, a few pounds a week will give your body enough time to react and change your with the ongoing weight loss. 'Crash diets' and sudden weight loss can create 'loose skin' on the body, whether its breasts, stomach, legs or arms. By eating healthy, keeping hydrated, losing weight at a safe pace, you can help to avoid this. Once the weight has been lost, you can actually do a few 'tricks' to alter your breasts in a small way, and that is by weight training. By toning your muscles, mainly your chest muscles, it can help 'lift' your breasts, reducing a 'sagging look'.
So, in simple terms, weight loss will affect breast size, but that is not a bad thing! You can avoid 'sagging' by losing weight the smart way. But as breasts are mainly fatty tissue, there is no way in avoiding size reduction when on a weight loss plan.

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