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on Body Modification...

By Calicotales @calicotales
on body modification...I'm a twenty-four year old mom with tattoos and piercings. I started out in a very strict old fashioned European family. Well, that's basically describing my father. Anyways, it was always frowned upon, and I knew this oh so well because my father never was or will be subtle about anything (and I wonder were I got it from). I always knew that I fancied tattoos and piercings and although I never voiced my liking to my dad, I think he secretly knew I did and just prayed to the heavens that I wasn't going to "do that to my body". For the most part (because I hid my belly button piercing for while and got my nose pierced all the way in Europe, far far away) I respected my dads wish up until my eighteenth birthday when I marched right in and got my first tattoo along with piercing my lower lip. I came home newly inked and my dad's reaction was as expected and then he said something that is still voted #1 most ridiculous things my dad has EVER said to me I hope those come off! Well, no dad. Those two stars that have been tattooed below my collarbones do not come off. OK, so I didn't say that to my red in the face father and just left it at a simple nope. With a big grin of course. That's how it started and since than I've gotten a few more tattoos and piercings. I am not heavily tattooed but I know I will be in the next five years. Why? Because I want to be. I've always gotten questioned by my family, friends or just random people about why I have tattoos or my piercings? And I always have a short and simple answer. Because I like it. There's really nothing more to it. Others might have different answers but for me it's just because I like it. And then I'll have a person come back and say well, I still don't get it...Honestly you don't have to. Why do you to eat pizza? Or why do you have a cat instead of a dog? Then most of the time they won't have a comeback to that. Which really, doesn't everything come down to that? We all do the things we do or have the things we have because we want them and like them for whatever the reason. I will never be something that society or culture wants me to be. I've always had a free mind about everything there is in this world. And I know that's how I will raise Sebastian. It's totally a different time now but I do know this, I can't picture myself having a mom or a dad all tattooed up. I always will wonder what Sebastian will think when he is older. I'll never know for sure but I do know that all my tattoos are part of me. He knows that it's just how mommy is and right now my "pictures" are cool. Cool mommy, you awesome. When it comes to that time and he's the one coming up to me saying he want to get a tattoo, well, I don't really know what I'll say. I know for sure that nothing is going to be inked on his body until the day he turns eighteen. Other than that I pretty sure I'll be okay with it. He'll always be my baby but once he turns eighteen the choices he makes are his. I know I will guide and oversee and help but what you do is what you do. I only say this because that's how I wanted to be treated at eighteen. This world has come so far but I hope that my children and my children's children grow up in a world that doesn't judge people for the way they look. The way we look does not define who we are and I will always teach Sebastian that. Or even preach that to everyone. I'll shout it out and hope that those few people will hear and see how wrong their actions can be. I still to this day get a few side-eye questionable glances my way or comments that really all I can do is laugh at but at the end of the day I am who I am because I want to be and that's that! We are all diverse. Be who you want to be because hell, we only live this life once. Amen. Hallelujah.  I'm a twenty-four year old mom with tattoos and piercings. And I love it!xoxo.

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