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on Back into the Swing of Things...

By Calicotales @calicotales
on back into the swing of things...
I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. It's been a little rough, more than it should be. I had three days off, well technically four because I had to take an extra day off last week due to Sebastian having some sort of 24 hour stomach bug. All clear on that though. Bobby and I left for the Pocono mountains early Friday morning, both of us full of excitement. I was mostly pumped for my first snowboarding experience and also just the thought of having a long weekend with the fella turned me into a giddy mess. We don't get out much so a long weekend together is like icing on the cake! 

Snowboarding was a success! It's challenging, frustrating, thrilling and fun all at once! Oh and it can be scary too. A few times I was afraid I was going to plummet to my death but alas I've got all limbs in tacked and ready for experience #2. With that being said, hubby was not so fortunate. On our last day on the slopes he managed to sprain his ankle really bad. It's a swollen mess and he can barely walk. So, this week he's working from home and keeping it elevated. We're hoping for a quick recover so we can plan a day trip to a near by mountain! 

Have any of you been snowboarding? It's totally not as easy as I thought. I did enjoy it so much so that I intend to purchase my own snowboard and boots in time for next winter. Hurrah for future adventures and a new hobby :) 


ps: big hugs & kisses to my wonderful man for putting up with me. Believe me it's not easy at times.

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