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OMG 30 Days Away

By Veganfitnesscompetitor
This is so very exciting, and also, a wee bit stressful.
Though my early morning cardio has been going really well. My personal trainer said I should do steady state, for fat burning. According to the chart on the treadmill, fat burning cardio for my age is about 123 BPM. That is surprisingly VERY easy cardio, so a lot of my cardio right now is that "lazyass cardio," that type of cardio that when I see someone doing it, I'm like "what a lazy piece of crap." Now I'm that lazy piece of crap.
As an example of 123 BPM cardio is a slow walk of 3.5 at a 6% incline. So basically, it's walking up a slight hill.
Makes it easier to read and watch TV when you do lazyass cardio.

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