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Old Man Noises

By Veganfitnesscompetitor
Today I am making old man noises.

Every time I squat down to tie my shoe, pick something up off the floor, or sit down, I make this "Uuuuuhh" noise.

I'm soooo sore!

I think it's because of a one-two punch I gave my body Thursday and Friday.

Thursday I did my back and bicep workout, then did the Sports Circuit class taught by my PT. It included sprinting, intermixed with kettle bell swings, and repeat over and over. Then it transformed into more kettle bell work blended in with minutes of strength training.

I really tried to make the most out of the kettle bell swings as we were reminded by the instructor. I want to make sure my body KNOWS what it is doing, because I can do a lot of exercise and not feel it the next day. I WANT to feel it.

So the kettle bell swing, as it swings through the legs, when I shot it back up to eye level, I really tried to squeeze my gluts and my hams a LOT. It WORKED, as I feel it in my butt and my inner thighs very much so.

Then Friday, my PT gave me my new lifting routine (yay!) and so I tried out my new chest and tricep workout. He made my routine more challenging this time, with more exercises and more sets, and I'm glad, because I think my body can take quite the beating since I've been lifting for so many years.

Then after my lifting routine, I made my own HIIT session in the empty fitness studio. I jumped rope for 1 minute, then did step-ups/step-downs from a step with 6 risers on each side, with a little bit of a backwards leg lift to get the glute, for 1 minute.

Then I returned to jump roping for another minute. Then I either repeated the step-ups/step-downs, or stood on the step, and stepped down to the side, then did the other leg. I also would sometimes do mountain climbers on the step, then always returned to the 1 minute of jump roping.

I feel great today, though sore, which is the same thing is as great!

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