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Oils and Butters | Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for Your Kinks AND Body Curves

By Rockitnapptural @Rockitnapptural
Oils and Butters | Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for your Kinks AND Body Curves
Benefits of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for Hair (and body) helps stimulates hair growth helps naturally condition the hair is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing (safe for all skin types) has a strong aroma and is often used as a natural fragrance for hair and skin products is soothing and has "stress relieving" properties works wonders for balancing oily or dry skin
-Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Facts- comes from tropical tree with heavy blooms the essential oil is extracted from the bright, yellow flowers by steam distillation oil is produced in Madagascar the oil  that could possibly trigger headaches if you are prone to them
The quality of Ylang Ylang essential oil ranges from Superior to Ylang Ylang III and will range in price based on the quality. Here is a break-down of the three most popular variations (or grades) of Ylang Ylang essential oil:
If you want the superior of the bunch, you might like: 
Ylang Ylang Superior (Extra): Considered the highest quality of the essential oil and  comes from organically grown flowers. This quality of the oil would most likely be the most expensive.
If you aren't picky about the type of ylang ylang you use, you might like:
Ylang Ylang Complete: Products known as "ylang complete" can be either a blend of the three grades of ylang ylang or the complete oil that results from the full, uninterrupted distillation of the flowers.
If you want to use the oil for fragrance purposes, you might like: 
Ylang Ylang Extra: This is the quality of the oil you mixtresses would probably prefer. It is the most fragrant of the bunch and has a deep, full spicy fragrance. The pedals of this plant are only distilled 1 hour to preserve the fragrance of the oil.
Blending with Ylang Ylang Oil
For the Mixtress in You
Try these concoctions, or make up your own. As always, be sure to consult with a professional before using some essential oils, especially women who are pregnant and/or nursing!
Easy Ylang Ylang for Body, Skin and Hair
How to Use
Ylang Ylang Body Mousse
(one application)

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