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October in Review

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
October in ReviewWith a blink of an eye we have gone from celebrating Halloween to preparing for Thanksgiving....if
we forget the fact that I am in the heart of marathon training with the big goal to break a 4:20 marathon. I will achieve my goals! I can do this. I will do this. This is what I repeat to myself on an almost daily basis. Perseverance pays off!

With all that said and done, how on Earth was my October?
Amazing, invigorating, exhausting, doubt inducing, busy. That pretty much sums it up. Ironically, if you go back and see what was going on in my mind last October some of those feelings were there too. In particular, the doubts.
I haven't talked much about doubts recently on my blog but they are there. Aren't they always lurking in the background trying to peek its nasty head out to attack us when we least expect it? I think the never ending doubts are a natural component to running. As a runner, we just need to learn to push them to the side. One way was me not talking about them this month. Giving them no voice. I am only bringing them up now since I saw I was plagued with them last October as well. It seems a natural occurrence in this phase of my training cycle. The approximate midway point between the Maui Marathon and the Honolulu Marathon. The point where I need to stay focused, strong, confident, healthy, and happy.
And yes, I am striving to achieve all those things. I am reminding myself to smile during my runs and to have fun. Running is fun. I choose to do it because I love it so why not have fun while training hard? And I have been pushing myself. I have been working with a coach throughout October and I am sticking to the plan better than ever. Yes, I juggle days here and there but I haven't not nailed a run yet. And I plan to stick to it to the end.

October in Review

Marathon Training 2012 vs. 2013

Doubts sunk in on how I was in my training this year compared to last year. Last year I set my marathon PR at the Honolulu Marathon. This year I don't want to just PR I want to achieve bigger goals. I feel I am on the right path. I am trying not to be over confident but realize I need that confidence to stick to my plan when things get tough. To dig deep and find that inner strength that may be covered up with doubt and needs a good dusting off to shine. To believe in myself after not PR'ing in September.
So yes, my October review is a pep talk to myself and anyone else who needs it. I ran 149 miles this October. October 31st marked day 672 of my running streak and brought 2013 up to 1,492 miles (oh that ocean blue). It also brought me to 2,960 streak miles.

What does November hold for me?
More training hard and three more long runs to further build my strength and confidence. I have 16 miles, 18 miles, and 20 miles on the plan. I plan to nail them. Fingers crossed and determination packed! I will probably still be trying to squeeze in a few more zzz's because lets face it, I am tired and my body needs sleep to recover and stay healthy. I am joining in on the HBBC with Run to the Finish and am stoked to do this again this year. I will be writing more about that soon but trust me, it is awesome. Join me and tell Amanda I sent you over!
And I will be running every day because it makes me happy.
Here's to a great November!
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my running coach.
Daily Affirmation: I will break a 4:20 marathon.

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