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OCD Symptoms Or Just Autism?

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

It’s been one of those very emotional weeks for me.

Now I’m no developmental pediatrician or psychologist but to me Adrian is showing some signs of OCD. Maybe it’s just the autism but these are new things that he’s doing that have been very hard for me and they seem like OCD symptoms to me.

Adrian loves Spiderman, there is a new Spiderman movie coming out in July. Adrian knows about this and is extremely excited. This is not an exaggeration…he literally tells me 50+ times per day “Amazing Spiderman in July”. I can’t just not say anything to him when he says that or he will continue to say it over and over until I respond with either “yes”, “ok” or if I repeat “Amazing Spiderman in July” and then he will stop for a few minutes. It’s been so difficult because that can start to really wear down your patience by the end of the day. It seems obsessive to me.

The other thing he’s doing that makes me wonder about OCD is he will “check” the bathroom door every time someone uses the downstairs bathroom. He has to go and make sure they’ve put down the seat and lid and then he opens and shuts the door a couple times. Sometimes even when nobody has used the bathroom he goes and checks it.

In the grand scheme of things these behaviors aren’t that big of deal over all. His other issues are going to be far more debilitating then the recent issues but they have been things that are hard for me to deal with in some ways I guess.

Then also this week I got a report from Lincoln’s school and I wasn’t very thrilled with some of the stuff in it. It’s an old report though and much of what was in it was from data that was collected almost a year ago and he’s come a long way in that amount of time but it was just hard to read so many areas that said his functioning was “moderately low”… lots of tears and fear this week.

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