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Occupy This!

Posted on the 19 November 2011 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl

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   Over the last two months, “Occupy Wall Street” protesters in every state have wreaked havoc on city streets and community businesses in efforts their voices will be heard. Their plight is however, once a communicator becomes aggressive in tone and action, the receiver stops listening. Additionally, knowing who the enemy is, and what address they live at is essential to war as well. The enemy lives in Washington D.C on Pennsylvania Ave, not at the homes and businesses of occupier’s neighbors. The House, the Senate, the President, and their charges are responsible for regulations, bills, bailouts, financial deprivation, laws, debt, economy, wealth distribution, and environmental and social issues; therefore, why are the tents not perched up on their property?

   Violence and defiance have resulted in hundreds of “Occupy” protesters being arrested in New York, Nashville, Detroit, Oakland, Portland, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Seattle -nearly every city in America. Hypodermic needles have been found at encampments, what’s more, rapes, deaths, vandalism, and drugs have been center focus of a “cause” that has no doubt had a negative effect. Polls recently show those who were listening, are now turning a deaf ear to a “cause” that lacks “focus and direction”. What was once considered a “civil rights movement” is now viewed as a “poor people’s campaign” controlled by left-wing nut-jobs that just want a handout. Obviously no one has told the occupiers, corporate America pays for those handouts; therefore, shutting them down will be, if accomplished, at their own peril.

   This Left-wing effort to separate and pit one class of people against another (class warfare) is just an attempt at deterrence from the real issues. If the Democratic Party spent as much time fixing things as they did whining about them, things might actually get done in America. If “Occupy Wall Street” protesters want to voice a cause, let them speak out about why the DOJ (Department of Justice) is allowed to spend OUR tax dollars on $16 muffins; or why the current administration gave over $535 million to Solyndra after being “warned” against it; and, why is Eric Holder not being fired for the egregious behavior of an inapt ATF; and, why OUR military vets fear cuts to programs they would not require if they had not defended this great country; why American Borders are not being protected; and, why, if the left detests Corporate America, did the current Democratic administration bailout said corporations, what’s more, why is America now over $15 trillion in debt with a historic down-grade in our credit rating?

   The logic of “Occupy Wall Street” is that of left-wing simpletons, socialists, and Marxists who are misguided –pissed someone who worked hard to build a company won’t give them a “handout”.  Well, in America if a person wants money –they work for it. Let’s ask “Occupy Wall Street” protesters to distribute their wealth –oh, that’s right, they don’t have any! This uprising is a direct result of an administration brainwashing constituents into believing something-for-nothing is the American way –hail to Socialism! Inside information has it however, “A handout only enables, a hand-up empowers” –reinforcing productivity and self-worth.



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By  Realizingresonance
posted on 22 November at 03:34
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Wall Street did jack our country. I feel like I know this about as much as I know anything. Studying this issue has been my passion since 2008 and I have studied very closely whilst educating myself to a mathematical extent in how to study it. I am not a simpleton nor a socialist, and I am in the middle of the political bias spectrum. The economic problems we currently have did not get created by the protestors, nor Obama (though Congress is culpable in a middle management capacity), but this is all I hear from people.

Wall Street controls most of the capital that matters and decides how it gets allocated. For everything. Employment opportunities, political campaigns, asset bubbles, but always with an intention of getting the highest investment returns. High investment returns are a good thing, but when they invest in governemnt corruption, and financial bubbles with the deregulation of esoteric innovations that spread systemic risk, then they are the root of the problem in my understanding of it.

So I support in the abstract the notion of an angry mob of youth occupying Wall Street. I am too busy to do so myself, but I am just as mad about the situation as them. I am not in agreement with most of their actual demands though, but these are generally naive kids who do not understand ecomomics as much as I do.

As far as the spacial problems that OWS has instigated, violence and vandalism and such, I say these are just symptoms of the proplems that the banks originally created. I'm not going to blame young Americans for their frustration with a real curropt situation. I wish it was just as simple as them all just getting jobs, but unfortunately that is just ridiculuous when there not enough jobs actually available to get.

By Aruna
posted on 20 November at 02:41
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I take it you don't want FDR back?

Buy you and Eleanor should get together, a wolf pack would bring a new broom!