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Posted on the 13 February 2015 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl

With so many religions practiced throughout the World, it’s hard to know who, if any, is right. There are Mormons, Lutherans, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and many other denominations. Then there are Atheists and Scientologists. What a conundrum of conflicted stories and theories! A person could go mad trying to decipher exactly what it takes to get to the Holy Land -Heaven per se. Or, if such a peaceful place exists.

   I’ve been asked many times what I believe when it comes to religion. Right then, I know a fight will ensue. I believe for the most part, people are natural born hypocrites. Judgmental bastards who wish to make others feel unworthy. Either we are not dressed appropriate, or, our racial/sexual preference differs. We drink way too much, or don’t go to church nearly enough. If you don’t give God 10% of your income, there will be Hell to pay! Do you do charity work? Well, it’s not enough, you better do more!

   If you believe in God, or intelligent design, Atheists say, you’re a delusional, Right-wing nut-job who thinks an imaginary friend will save you from certain doom and judgment. Christians suggest, Atheists don’t believe in God because, they don’t want to accept there will be consequences for their actions. All claim to possess love, compassion, understanding, common sense, and logic. All bidding for your following and fellowship. Is it possible for all to be a bit wrong, and a bit right? The possibilities are endless when examined with an opened mind.  

    I do believe in intelligent design. Plants and animals, including humans, are male and female; each made different and complex. Each having their own DNA sequence. A complex, complicated existence –matched by no other. Nature says, males and females mate to repopulate. This belief has nothing to do with religion, or lack thereof.  Anything else does not make cognitive sense. However, “Judge Thee Less Thee Be Judged”. Your sex life is not my concern.

   Personally, I could care less who you love, or what God you serve –if any. We are given agency for a reason. I condemn only those cultures which are extreme or abusive in nature. Committing atrocities in the name of religion, or lack thereof. Any religion which requires one to kill in the name of God, Jesus, Satan, or Allah is a religion of Evil.  An agenda brainwashing cult. If I kill someone, it’s due to their actions. Because they tried to harm me or mine. Not because of my belief in God! A murderer minus religion is, still a murderer; only without faith of forgiveness.

If you raise your children to respect themselves and others, too treat others how they wish to be treated, affording everyone the same inherent Rights, then, I could care less under what belief system you do it. If your child does not lie, cheat, steal, rape, molest, deal drugs, or kill –then you’ve done well. Under what faith you teach is your Right –and consequence. Conditioning starts at home. I condemn any village who turns their back on their future –the children of today –of tomorrow.  Pointing out differences separates, dividing the village. A divided community cannot, and, will not thrive. Whether the split is religious in nature or not! Being an individual is not a sin –it’s an honor. Let our differences unite us –not divide us!

 In contrast, a village must wield tough justice for those who are evil by heart. It must condemn victimization via harsh punishment. This is not religion; it’s behavioral science. Those who smite justice, and hurt others –so, shall they pay. If a community has one thief, it has many. A productive village is a foundation of trustworthiness, selflessness, and togetherness. And so, together we must work to protect what is right, and banish those which mean harm. This concept is not theology or ideology, it is common sense.

What’s my religion? Common sense!



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