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Posted on the 26 July 2015 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl

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I am Stephanie, a survivor of child rape. I was molested at age 7 for the first time; though it was not the last. At age 13, I had my first round of cervical cancer. And, at 22 it had returned with a vengence. These cancers were caused directly as a result of repeated child molestation. At age 23, the government deemed me unfit to work with a borderline IQ of 72 and Complex PTSD. A pannel of judges, pyschologists, and college professors said, “You’ll never learn enough to toat trash for McDonalds”. It was then, I set out to prove them wrong!
Over the years, I have spent my life not only dedicated to educating myself but, others as well. However, awareness falls short in resolving child rape issues in our society. It’s going to take changes to the system. This is why I am raising money to go to D.C.  to lobby lawmakers to change current sex offener laws. Child rape affects the whole Nation, not just the state it occurs in.
Each year tax payers spend billions to support victims of child rape.  When raped/traumatized a part of you dies. A part you can’t get back -trust and security. Our personalities form in early years. When this is interupted by intrusion/abuse the child’s brain doesn’t develop correctly. Fight or flight kicks in -surviving is all that matters. They cannot focus in school (most drop out), And, most can never have a healthy relationship -friendship or mateship. Many end up commiting suicide, or in jail.
Each year, American Taxpayers dole out approximately $15,120 per year in money, housing, and food per victim. This does not include medical/therapy costs which can reach in the millions for just one victim; as in my case. Without medical costs, over a 23 year period, taxpayers pay an estimated $347,760 per victim, not including medical/cost to society’s foundation. Money which could be put toward our National Debt!
Yet, the sex offender registery site is rarely updated for all counties in the U.S. In Oregon alone, statistics say approximately 82,000 registed sex offenders reside in the state. Of which 32,000 have disappered off the map. These statistics were gathered in 2010. In Baker County Oregon, there are 99 sex offenders, yet only 2 show on the registery. What’s more, this is a city of only 10,000.
Point being, the system is broken, state funding cut, and molestation/child pornography is on the rise. It’s time to make child rape a federal offense with no statute of limitaion. If the victim is under 12, automatic life with no chance of parole. Furthermore, the National Registery MUST be updated daily. Technology is a wonderful thing. We need to use it to protect our children’s future! I bet those who run this system update their Facebook/Twitter status everyday!
Please help me address lawmakers! Monies left over will be donated to cervical cancer research/prevention, and child advocate group CASA.
I ask for your support in my efforts to eradicate child rape/pornagraphy.

“As a survivor, let me share with you what these victims have been put through, and the effect it will have on society. Normally I do not discuss this very personal part of my past with the public; however, in this case I feel it is imperative. Victims are often ashamed, sexually confused, angry, mentally tortured by visions of the intrusion, endure nightmares, suffer from guilt, develop personality disorders, entertain thoughts of suicide, and have challenges with intimate social relationships. These victims need the public to cry out and lend them strength through understanding and action in hopes one day they will see themselves as survivors and not victims.””

Credit:GoFundMe.comStephanie Ann Kinzel

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