I have a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy, Economics, and Politics from Eastern Oregon University, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude and received the 2010 Outstanding Student of Philosophy Award. I am a data analyst and forecaster in my day job, as well as a member of the International Institute of Forecasters and the World Future Society. I dreamed of becoming a rock star one day. I played guitar in the rock bands Fallacy, isa, and Jubal and The Ball Flaggs. You can say I lived the dream for a while, but then I awoke to a new dream. I am married to Mary Endicott, my best friend and better half.


  • Realizing Resonance Philosophy Blog

    This is a place for me to rant about the big picture and take a philosophical slant on the world around me. Philosophy, guitar, forecasting, futuring, politics, economics, food & wine, and whatever else captures my interest. I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts, of which I intend to post many.