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Mandated Voting: Left Running Scared

Posted on the 23 March 2015 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl

Obama and the Liberal Left are now attacking our Right to vote or not. The President, using the term loosely, is now considering a ‘Mandate Vote Act’. This would mean, no matter the circumstance, every person eighteen and over must vote, or be held criminally responsible. This would certainly mean the downfall of America’s voting system. Which proves to be already troubled. This latest stunt proves, Obama’s lack of leadership, his turncoat attitude toward Israel, and his ‘hug-a-thug’ approach to ISIS has the Left-wingers worried about the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election. Democrats and Liberals know, we the People aren’t happy!

   Why else would the President suggest such lunacy, if not a political ploy? It’s certainly not common sense or logic. I’m not saying everyone’s stupid, but I am not saying everyone’s smart either! Most Americans aren’t aware of the political brinksmanship which is destroying this country from within. And, I speak of both immature Parties! Most voters unfortunately, vote using what I call the “60-second-smear” method. Meaning, many people vote using information can-fed to them through the media’s 60-second smear campaigns between favorite television shows.

   Why would anyone want an uninformed voter to vote? People who are made to vote are not going to educate themselves further just because, they “have” to vote. Moreover, most would just rebel and choose whatever –not even reading what or who’s up for vote. Why would any rational person want a voting system like this? A person or Party who knows, unless they do, they have no chance of winning the Presidency –that’s who! Obama’s actions, or lack thereof has sealed the Republican ticket to the Whitehouse.

   For anyone to suggest this sort of voting system will work, has a sever lack of cognitive ability. And, they certainly should not be running America or her Military! I find this yet, just another attempt by Socialist/Marxists to destroy America from within. 2016 must be the year of change for our Administration. If a change does not happen –I fear the worst. What we need to do is: get rid of the two-Party/ Electoral College bull crap, and make every person’s vote count on all state, local and national elections. Making every vote count is the only fair way of voting. No law or action should be taken without an individual voting election –“for the People, by the People”. And, those who don’t want to participate should not be penalized.

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