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O Hui Auto Cover Cream Foundation

By Beautifulbuns

After my weekend trip to KL to visit my Korean friend (승렬오빠 안녕~~우린 재미있게 놀랐지? ㅋㅋㅋ), I’m convinced that everything I’ve ever learnt about geography was false. How can a country that’s further away from the equator than Singapore actually be hotter? I swear I got a tan there, despite obsessively re-applying my sunblock every hour.

It was one of the rare moments that I really felt glad about investing in a good makeup item, or else it would have all, literally, gone south in a melted puddle of goo.


o hui auto cream cover foundation featured

o hui
The entire set of the O Hui Auto Cover Cream Foundation for KRW85,000 (I think, can’t remember, will go home to check!)


o hui (1)
The set includes a vibrating foundation applicator, 2 extra puffs, 1 foundation + 1 foundation refill. Major value for money!

o hui (2)
Just press the tray downwards gently, and some foundation is dispensed. Pick it up using the vibrating applicator, or in my case, I prefer using my fingers.


o hui (3)
At first glance, the #02 colour seems wrong for my skintone…

o hui (4)
Spreading it using various methods. The colour still looks slightly wrong, right?

o hui (5)
Voila! this is the actual colour – a perfect fit for my skin! Plus, you can barely see it right?

o hui (6)

o hui (7)
application instructions for the tech-unsavvy

I say…

This is one of the better foundation / bb items I’ve bought.

  • The first time I used it, my friends commented that my skin looked so much better and had more glow.
  • The coverage is also awesome – no need for concealer.
  • It’s smooth and creamy – applies smoothly without tugging on the skin, but doesn’t clog up the skin pores much. At the end of the day, when I use my Biore Makeup remover wipes, there’s not a lot of product on it.
  • It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin either, despite having good coverage power.
  • It gives a slight glow and a dewy finish – perfect for recreating a kpop star’s look.
  • It comes in a convenient compact case and a hygienic dispensing system.
  • It’s also great for carrying around for touch-ups.
  • A little goes a very long way – I just have to dispense a pearl size of about 0.5cm in diameter and it’s enough for my whole face.
  • Of course, it’s also major value for money – look at the amount of products that come with! And a free refill even!
  • The vibrating applicator distributes the product evenly and gives an airbrushed finish. However, I personally prefer to use my fingers / foundation brush cos I’m cheap, and don’t like the idea of some product being absorbed into the sponge (isn’t it a waste of product??)
  • The puff of the vibrating applicator is soooo soft as well – I’d rather just use it as a powder sponge. hah.
  • This is way better than the Hera Auto Fitting BB Set (sorry Shin Min Ah , I still love you) and slightly better than the IOPE Retigen Face Fitting Auto Foundation Set (sorry Amore Pacific, I still love you).


If you’re still not convinced yet, here’s a photo of me using the O Hui Auto Cover Cream Foundation – no powder to set, no concealer – just the product alone. Sorry I’m a dipshit – camwhore act-cute shots are kept to a minimum here cos this is what I really look like in real life. heh.

o hui face
Photobombing my friend heh. Anyhoos – notice the glow and perfect coverage?

Get this get this get this!


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