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Nutritional Benefits of Clover Sprouts

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

What makes Clover Sprouts unique? Their health benefits will keep any family healthy and asking for more. For any doubting Thomas who may insist on knowing if clover sprouts has all the benefits attached to them.

Summary of Their Health Benefits

The health benefits of clover sprouts include cancer prevention, detoxifies the body, prevents anemia, aid weight loss, and supports the brain. They also help in skin enhancement, fights osteoporosis, enriched with vitamins, and good for feminine health.

What are Clover Sprouts?

Nutritional Benefits of Clover Sprouts
Don’t get stuck in your old ways of preparing salads and sandwiches with only famous vegetables that everyone is using. Step up your game and separate the sheep from the wolves.

How can this be possible? Clover sprouts give a unique taste when added to salads and sandwiches. They are so nutritious that you can even use their flavor and crunch to dress your meals. Since they have little calorie content, these germinated seeds are an extra boost to health.

A little More

Sprouts are within the Trifolium genus, and they are available in up to 300 varieties. Finding sprouts are as easy as ABC, given that many grocery and specialty stores worldwide sell them at a relatively inexpensive price. The most alluring thing  is that you can as well eat them as a protein-dense snack. Your tummy is about to get yummy.

Growing Clover Sprouts

Nutritional Benefits of Clover Sprouts
We all know you live close to grocery stores, but your garden is not for fancy – remember? We are only saying that it takes a few steps to grow your Clover Sprouts. To start, you need three things –

  • A quarts jar
  • A paper towel
  • And of course, some seeds.

But before you overtake the initial planters, ensure your paper towel is not in any way bleached with any chemical. Then do the following –

  1. Soak two tablespoons in water for a day or overnight.
  2. To avert the falling of the seeds, place your paper towel on top of the quarts jar.
  3. Spread out the seeds while pouring them in the quarts jar.
  4. Use a piece of cloth to cover the quarts jar and place it somewhere dark and dry.
  5. Each time you water the seeds, return the quarts jar to the dark and dry spot. You should water the seeds two times a day.
  6. Keep watering the seeds for six to seven days until you observe that they are ready for use.
  7. After harvesting, use a ziploc bag to store them in your refrigerator.

All the Numerous Health Benefits of Clover Sprouts

Nutritional Benefits of Clover Sprouts
The crisp taste of clover sprouts is out of this world. You can add these microgreens as a simple topping to your salad and sandwich from time to time. As you do this, your health status will start to improve in a way you least expected.

The germinated seeds of clover sprouts have enough nutrients to meet your essential needs. Its looks and taste are similar to alfalfa sprouts. And they are a good source of fiber, protein, calcium, iron, folate, and vitamin C to mention a few.

Here is the full detail of what you will gain consuming clover sprouts.

1- Detoxification

Sometimes toxins may prove stubborn. But who cares, since clover sprouts are strong enough to fight and do away with any sign of toxins in the body. They help the liver to function well and also function as blood cleansers. This way, your circulatory, as well as the immune system is free from strain.

2- Cancer Prevention

Although clover sprouts are tiny, thin strands, they contain anti-oxidants such as isoflavones and phytochemicals. These compounds can wage war against forming of Cancer cells in the body. With them, there is always a reduction in how cancer spreads in the body because they also decrease oxidative stress.

3- Anemia Prevention

When the body is short of red blood cells, it can lead to anemia. Again, anemia of iron deficiency occurs when your body that is supposed to be healthy now lacks enough iron to sustain hemoglobin production. Of a truth, you can’t do without hemoglobin since it is one of the blood’s integral component.

The enriched iron in Clover Sprouts can cater for your health. So, to prevent and stay off anemia, you need a regular iron consumption.

4- Weight Loss

Gone are those days when only adults had the majority of obsessed patients. These days, obesity has extended to adolescents too. Dealing with obesity is not that hard as long as you stick to the right diet and also maintain your nutrition.

The main idea behind going for the right diet is to cut down the way you consume fats and carbohydrates and step up on your protein intake.

But what about those who start to shiver once hunger comes calling? Such people can opt for this sprouts because it has fewer calories and enough fiber content to refrain you from eating much.

5- Good for the Brain

With the iron in clover sprouts, you will never suffer from loss of memory diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. What is more? clover sprouts iron help to supply oxygen to the bloodstream.

If you are science inclined, you should be aware that the brain only makes use of 20 percent of the oxygen in the blood. Adding iron-rich diets to your daily meals will ensure that the brain functions the way it should. And this can become possible when you include this sprouts in your day to day diet.

6- Skin Protection

We don’t need words from Socrates to know that of all the body organs the skin occupies the most space. Without them, we would fall prey to harmful bacteria. So, it would be wise of you to treat skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis with these microgreens.

What is Their Function

  • The use of sprouts goes for any inflammation of the skin causing any of these diseases and relieves the skin from the inside.
  • It also contains vitamin C which is responsible for protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays and harsh weather that could result in sun damage.

7- Source of Vitamins

The body must never at any point fall short of vitamins, or its functioning may become questionable. A hundred gram serving of clover sprout has a total of 14 percent of vitamin C and 38 percent of vitamin K suitable for your daily intake. All of these helps to reduce your chances of suffering from heart disease and being diabetic. Again, vitamin K is good or even the best for blood clotting.

8- Good Source of Minerals

The same way the body can’t do without vitamins so does it require enough minerals at all times for proper functioning. The wise ones depend on clover sprouts knowing that they are rich in minerals such as –

The body must contain these minerals so that its primary functions will not fall short in any way.

9- Fights Cancer

Do cancer scare you the way it scares most of us? Thank the stars that there are preventive measures to tackle this hell of a thing. Clover sprouts are among those willing to fight this – they contain enough phytochemicals like genistein.

When new blood vessels try to form cancer tumors, genistein is one chemical that can obstruct their growth. According to scientific research, the isoflavones in clover sprouts are rich enough to reduce cancer risk.

10- Fights Osteoporosis

This condition arises when the production of bone reduces drastically, and this causes bone brittleness. In times like this, the bones become so weak that even a small sneeze can leave them shattered. To stop this disease from reducing the density of the bones, consume more of calcium-rich clover sprouts.

11- Good for Feminine Genders

Do you know the red clover sprouts have a similar plant estrogen to that of the humans? That’s why women need more of red clover sprouts to help them with hot flushes and symptoms of PMS. Ladies can as well use sprouts for menopause as well as fibrocystic disease.

12- Good Source of Protein

Those who always wish to meet their protein needs can add clover sprouts to their diet. Why? Because 70 percent of clover sprout’s calories emanate from its protein content. To explain more, one hundred gram serving of clover sprouts has 4 g of protein which completes the 8 percent that the body needs for the day.

Since the amino acids in clover sprouts are not adequate, you cannot say their protein content is complete. But mixing clover sprouts with other vegetables and grains will sure, meet all the essential amino acids that the body needs.

Red Clover Sprouts

The taste of this crunchy, refreshing, and mild red clover sprouts are similar to that of alfalfa sprouts. All through the ages, man has not known of another low-calorie source with beneficial nutrients like the red clover sprouts.

A serving 100 grams of red clover sprouts contain only 23 calories, and 70 percent of them come from easily digestible protein. These sprouts taste better mixing them with alfalfa, broccoli, and radish sprouts. Together, they make a great salad mixture.

Nutritional Contents of Red Clover Sprouts

These types of sprouts have almost all the nutrients that the body needs to function like a locomotive engine – a Man-Diesel preferably.

Its nutrients include vitamins A, B, C, and K. Other minerals are Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Calcium, Carotene, Chlorophyll, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Selenium, Trace Elements, and Zinc. They also contain 70 percent of Protein.

Its Benefits

You can also be a partaker in the benefits of red clover sprouts. And they are as follows –

  1. You can use them to reduce your weight – especially when your tummy weighs more than a bag of cement.
  2. When you are exhausted, use red clover sprouts to restore energy back.
  3. Adding them to your diet helps the eyes.
  4. You can use them to detox.
  5. One can fight cancer with the use of red clover sprouts.
  6. They aid digestion.
  7. With these microgreens, the liver and gall bladder functions well.
  8. Women can use them for PMS as well as menopause.

Nutritional Content of Clover Sprouts Versus That of Alfalfa Sprouts

  • Clover sprouts have 36 calories while alfalfa sprouts have 23 calories.
  • The protein content of clover sprouts is three gram, but that of alfalfa is 3.99 g.
  • Clover sprouts have one gram of total fat while alfalfa contains 0.69 g of fat.
  • The dietary fiber in clover sprouts is two g, but that of alfalfa sprouts is 1.9 g.
  • Clover sprouts contain two percent of vitamin A, but alfalfa sprouts contain three percent and 155 UI.
  • The vitamin C content of clover sprouts is ten percent while that of alfalfa sprouts is 14 percent and 8.2 milligrams.
  • Clover sprouts contain four percent iron while alfalfa sprouts have five percent and one milligram.

Other clover sprout nutrition includes –

  1. Five mg of sodium
  2. Three grams of total carbs
  3. Two percent of calcium.

Clover Sprout Recipes

Sprouts are all-purpose vegetables. Even lettuce is a no match for them as they can oust lettuce vegetables in any kitchen, anywhere, and anytime. However, the flavor of clover sprouts is a bit different from other green sprouts such as alfalfa, broccoli, onion, and radish sprouts.

Here are the best ways to serve clover sprouts.

1- A tossed salad is not complete without clover sprouts.

2- You will feel the taste when you add clover sprouts in coleslaw.

3- They give a mouthwatering taste when you stir-fry them with other nutritious vegetables.

4- It’s either you eat fresh clover sprouts or add them to salads uncooked.

5- Since clover sprouts are more nutritious than lettuce, using them in sandwiches is the best idea.

6- You can spread your sprouts over an omelet or scrambled eggs.

7- To sauté them with onions is also good.

8- You can as well spread clover sprouts over grilled cheese sandwiches.


Clover sprouts as we have seen are nutritious microgreens with plenty of vitamins and minerals. You can even plant one and watch them grow or toss a few pence on them since they are not among the expensive vegetables. Adding them to salads brings out a taste you can’t afford to resist.

But, are they superb for medicinal purposes? Yes, they are, just that your doctor has to know about it before you can proceed to use them.

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