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Now a Proud Member of B.I.T.E

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
You might have noticed (or you might not, since I've only just put it up there!!) that I have a new button on the left-hand column of my blog, which looks like this:
Now a proud member of B.I.T.E
Basically, I am now of proud member of B.I.T.E, which stands for Bloggers. Integrity. Trust. Ethics.

What does this mean for my blog? Well, it just means that I proudly work to the following code of ethics:
  • I will blog honestly but constructively
  • I will encourage good relationships between bloggers
  • I will support blogs that are victims of plagiarism
  • I will not engage in cyber bullying - between each other or against brands or PR's
  • I will openly disclose press samples sent for review, sponsored posts or affiliated links
  • I will not break embargos
  • I will not sell press samples

Why I wanted to join:
"As the blogging community continues to grow in leaps and bounds we recognize that it is not always easy for bloggers, brands, publications and PR's to know where to start.B.I.T.E. is a non-profit resource for all of those elements to come together and work in a harmonious fashion.Our intention is to highlight bloggers - big and small - who we trust and feel brands, PR's, other bloggers and the general public can trust also."
I feel deeply honoured to have been accepted as a B.I.T.E blogger, because I've always tried to play by these ethics, so to have them acknowledged is really great. There are some great bloggers who are part of this "scheme", and I personally think that it's a great idea.
If you're interested in becoming a B.I.T.E blogger, check out their website.

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