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Notes From the Road

By Lynnbraz @wandering_lotus
Notes From the Road"Why are you doing the yoga?" the Utah talk show host demands. "Doing the yoga is SIN. It's an occult practice. You're worshipping idols."

Her caller is audibly shaken. He just wants to stay flexible, ease his back pain. He does not want to go to hell for stretching his hamstrings.
Too bad, the talk show host insists. The Bible is full of stories that warn against worshipping idols and if you're doing the yoga, well then, you're worshipping idols. Because those yoga poses are prayers to the Hindu gods. Besides, she says, studies show regular stretching is more effective than yoga for keeping the body flexible.
I'm driving from San Francisco to Scranton, Pennsylvania, taking the quick route—I-80 straight across the country. Radio reception is often scant. My choices were Utah lady talk show host or Rush Limbaugh.
Limbaugh, too, has some pretty wacky beliefs. "NO ONE HAS ANY MONEY." That was his mantra on Wednesday morning. Europe is broke and we're not far behind. Actually, Rush, we're way ahead of Europe. One caller expressed my thoughts. Someone must have money. If we're all borrowing, we must be borrowing from someone. Rush couldn't answer that question.
But I can. The Rockefeller and the Rothschild family empires have all the money. They own all the banks. They own all the oil companies. I've been accused of anti-Semitism for mentioning the Rothschilds in a negative light, which effectively scared me off from voicing my political and economic beliefs for a good four months. But I'm over it. Listening to Rush spew his insanity for a couple of hours will do that.
JuJu and I are sitting out a wicked winds/snow storm in the Wasatch Mountains of Wyoming. We're in the Wagon Wheel Motel. My standards for shelter have dipped as precipitously as the Rockies rise. Compared to the usual Motel 6, this is actually charming.
The locals at the diner down the road were appalled. They think Wagon Wheel is decrepit and overpriced. But, since this is my only option, I'm choosing to be grateful. I have Wi-Fi, coffee, TV, a working gas heater. If only I had some sane radio options for the road.
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