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NOTD: The Queen of Quirky Hearts

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
You might be able to guess this, but I'm not a particularly girly type of girl, so when I received some 17 Nail Art Stickers, as part of a recent Giveaway prize, I was keen not to use them with a pink polish. Not that I don't like pink polish, because despite not being very girly, I do still wear pink sometimes.
The real motivation behind using the heart-shaped stickers with a different colour, was purely because I like to experiment and try out different colours, to see how they look, and personally, I think this look turned out to be unexpectedly fab.

NOTD: The Queen of Quirky Hearts

A gorgeous shiny blue...I really love this polish!

I used:
  • BeautyUK in Electric Blue, which I swatched, by itself, a couple of months back. I absolutely adore this colour, it's so sparkly and shiny, and just a gorgeous shade :D
  • 17 Nail Art Stickers in pink. I didn't use any of the leopard prints ones, so maybe I'll save those ones for another look.

NOTD: The Queen of Quirky Hearts

Think I need to moisturise my fingers :)

The instructions stated to use tweezers to apply these stickers to your nails, but ha, as if I know where my tweezers are, so subsequently I ended up using my fingers and nails. It wasn't the best method, but I still got them there in pretty much one piece.
What do you think? I think they look kinda cute :)

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