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Not Missing That Serving of Carbs!

By Veganfitnesscompetitor
I'm feeling quite amazing, despite carb cycling. Tomorrow for 1 day I will be up to three 1/4 cups of starch, but then it's back to two servings. My coach said to do 2 days of 1/4 cups, then back up to 3. But, I made it 3 days, because I want to be hard core. I don't want it to be competition time and be a jiggly mess. And plus, my energy is AWESOME right now!
So today I started back up with my personal trainer. We took I think 4 or 5 weeks off, because it's very expensive, and I want to make sure I'm seeing him up until my show.
We had an fierce chest and tricep workout. He really pushes me hard on my sets, and so I sure felt it afterwards.
Then I went to his circuit class, which included lots of plate pushes on the floor, which burned the heck out my legs as they always do.
I'm so excited for my show. I'm so focused right now, it's a great feeling.

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