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NonFat Runner’s Rewards

By Hockettruns @WriteRunWrite

After that last post, I am ready to find some rewards for my running that are low in calories, and have 0% fat! And that are also very cheap! Here’s mine, what are yours?

  • Pedi

This is a no-brainer, because our feet are pounding the pavement for us, carrying us around and putting up with our neglect day after day…oh yeah I love to reward my feet and toes with a pedicure!

I do my own, but there’s some great nail salons in town; if only I trusted those little Asian women with my toes! Muwaha..

  • Bubble bath

Mmmmhmmm, you know you want it; and don’t be afraid to have a glass of sparkling water with a twist of lime while you’re at it.

And yes a dunk in the hot tub works too!

(However, if you want to add a few more calories, you could try a glass of wine!)

  • Online inspiration

If you want to glean some inspiration from other runners, drag out the laptop, pour yourself a cup of coffee and read these awesome blogs:


Iowa Girl Eats (mostly a recipe blog, but also a lot of good workouts are listed on one of her pages)

Mike Dasalla (Run.Mike.Run)

Barefoot University

Runner Girl Training

  • A good movie

Not necessarily a movie about running or sports, although those are good too.

Any movie will do; as long as you feel relaxed and happy.

Also, don’t forget the popcorn without butter (remember, these are low fat rewards!


  • Hop on Facebook and Twitter and brag about your run or event; the feedback will make you feel really good, and maybe you’ll inspire someone to get out and exercise (then show them this post!)

I love to see what my runner (and non-runner!) friends say when I post a run; the feedback really motivates me.

These are some of the comments I got when I ran an eight-miler:

“Go Emily!”

“Wow! Good job!”

“All I have to say girl is your amazing!”


Now go out and enjoy some 0 calorie, 0% fat rewards; you earned them!

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