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No Shame for Lincoln and Adrian’s Update

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

On Wednesday morning I had my first meeting with Lincoln’s new teacher. I had him in a good mood and I had him fully clothed which is a rare occurrence when he is at home. When they got here it was his new teacher whom we only met at the open house the night before and the teacher aide who he had in his classroom last year. He was excited to see her. She asked him if she could have a hug and he jumped right up on her lap and gave her the sweetest hug.

Ok, I was happy because Lincoln doesn’t usually like people coming in the house, we’ve had some major meltdowns when teachers come to the house.

It was all going well until the teacher aide asked Lincoln “Did you go swimming this summer?” I bought the kids a little kiddie pool and it was on our patio. They swam a lot this summer and Lincoln loved swimming. When the teacher asked “Did you go swimming this summer?” Lincoln heard “Lincoln do you want to go swimming right now?!” And he started tearing his clothes off excitedly ready to go swimming. He took off ALL of his clothes and started looking around for his swim trunks. You’d think I’d be embarrassed, I wasn’t at all. I figure they’re used to seeing toddlers strip down and I wasn’t concerned.

I convinced him to at least put his boxer shorts back on but he was mad at that point and was beating on the patio door trying to get out.

His teacher seems nice and I’m hoping it will be a good school year for him. He starts on Monday.

Adrian has a new teacher this year too. It’s been really good so far. I’m still feeling out how it’s going to go but I feel good about it right now.

Adrian did so awesome with his tooth extraction yesterday. He was so calm and held so still while they did his work. It was amazing.

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