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No One Told Me I'd Have Age Issues in My 20s

By Makemeupmandy @mandywebb28

This week, besides some getting-rid-of-the-rat updates that you girly girls probably don't want to know about, I have had some age dramas.
A lady asked me which high school or uni I was going to. FFS
This happened when I had my 2 kids with me. FFS
People say take that as a compliment but I refuse to. It is really quite wrong, man! FFS
I asked her if she did not see my 2 kids next to me. She said she thought I was baby-sitting them. FFS FFS
To add salt to my wound, we went out with Husband's friend and his wife and daughters for dinner. After dinner, their daughters (2 girls around age 8 and 10) asked: Mummy, can we please go to Mandy's house for a play? Their mommy said yes. Not FFS as we love having visitors.
What made my husband choke on his own spit & laughter was when one of the adorable 2 girls turned around and very kindly said to me: "Mandy, we can play with you. We are the right size.
To be honest, it was so cute I couldn't stop laughing.
I am short but I didn't think I was that tiny? I am never leaving the house without 6 inch heels again. FFS
Husband sprained his back really bad this week. He was lying in bed, could barely move so I went down to the chemist to get him some medicine and a heat rub.
I went straight to ask for the best pain killer and heat rub, only to get weird looks from the male chemist.
Then, he started chatting to me a little.
Then, I realised what the weird look was for when he asked "So how old is your husband? In his 50s, is he?"
Yes, frick me, if an Asian chick goes in a chemist and asks for pain killer for her husband who has sprained his back, apparently her husband is assumed to be a much older man. FFS
And that sums up my little adventurous week. Linking up with the other lovely ladies at Dear Baby G to share our lil rants.
Have a great weekend everyone! x

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