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New Students

By Nadine
This has been a great “back to work” week. I’m back to a regular teaching schedule and I started three new classes with the City of Nanaimo. Typically when I get new students, it is one to two new students a week. This week, because of the City’s programs, I had 20 new students in the space of two days.
I find the first class with a new student sort of like that first date: getting to know each other, telling our stories. So I guess 20 new students is sort of like speed dating. Not enough time to get to know everyone’s story in detail, but a good overview.
Is Yoga for you? I believe there is a Yoga class and a Yoga teacher out there for everyone. I’m not vain enough to believe I’m the teacher for everyone. But I’m grateful for the opportunity to introduce people to Yoga asana and meditation and possibly start them on a journey of discovery. Discovery of what their bodies can do, discovery of ways to quiet their mind and discovery of connecting with their inner wisdom.
To all my students, new and not-so-new, thank you for the opportunity to share. Thank you for allowing me to guide you in your practice and help you discover where you want Yoga to take you.

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