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New Chapter

By Heathernichole
My hubby started his new job today and new career today. He looked so handsome this morning, standing in the kitchen eating his breakfast. I snapped a few photos of him and told him we should start an outfit of the day blog for him. He used to wear jeans and polos or tshirts every day at his old job. I can't tell you how many times he's told me he wanted a job where he could wear a suit every day. He loves dressing up and he's obsessed with suits and ties. Well, now his dream has come true. He wore Michael Kors today.
New Chapter
You know you have the best husband when he's willing to stop at Michael's for you on his way home. He's training out of town so I had asked him he could pop into Michael's if he happened to see it in the area. I'm in search of the pink and mint Recollections washi. I even sent him a coupon in case he does find it.
New Chapter
The photo on the left was taken on December 5th. When I saw it I could see the difference in my face right away. I had gained a lot of weight on our honeymoon and right after. I refer to it as "love" weight. I'm so glad I made a change right before Christmas. If not, I knew it would have only gotten worse. Down 12 pounds since then and I can definitely see a difference in my face already.New Chapter
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