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Natural Cures For Gout, Also Known As Metabolic Arthritis

By Vicknesh @wellhealthblog
Gout is one of the over one hundred forms of arthritis, and is triggered by excessive blood levels of uric acid.Gout, otherwise known as gouty arthritis, is commonly accompanied by sudden and severe attacks of pain, swelling, redness, and inflammation. Post-menopausal women may experience an elevated risk of developing this form of the rheumatoid disease. Middle-aged men, between the ages of forty and fifty feature the usual face of a gout sufferer. Nine out of ten gout patients are men over the age of forty.The Four Stages of GoutGouty arthritis is marked by four stages. The four stages of gout are asymptomatic, acute, intercritical, and chronic.The first stage of gout is the acute stage. Generally accompanied by no symptoms, this stage of gout marks the onset of the excess uric acid crystals, which is responsible for the irritation and inflammation associated with the advanced stages of the condition.The first attack of gout occurs in the acute stage of the disorder. This second stage of gout sports both mild and severe bouts with gout. Gout attacks can last as long as one or two weeks.The first gout attack is followed by a period of several months, or possibly years, without a single symptom of gout. This is known as the intercritical stage of gout. The majority of gout sufferers experience their second attack within two years of the first episode.The final stage of gouty arthritis is the chronic stage. Episodes of gout attacks become more frequent during the chronic phase of the condition. Chronic gout can cause damage to other areas of the body; damage to the kidneys and the development of high blood pressure are signature features of gout's chronic stage.Gout is a highly treatable form of arthritis. There are a number of home remedies for gout and it's natural treatment.Herbal Medicine: Herbal medicine is one of the holistic home remedies for gout treatment. The pantry may be the optimum spot for snagging some of the staples of home remedies for gout. Cherries, juniper berry, bilberry, nettle root, and celery.Nutritional Therapy: Nutritional therapy is one of the home remedies for gout. Vitamin B12, vitamin E, folate, and the B family of vitamins are a part of nutritional home remedies for gout treatment. Implementing nutritional improvements is one of the home remedies for gout used to reduce the occurrence of metabolic arthritis flare-ups. Many of the vitamins included in the therapy have been proven beneficial in preventing gout.
Regular Exercise: A buildup of uric acid plays a pivotal role in the development of gouty arthritis. Regular exercise is one of the home remedies for gout episodes that has been documented as useful in both treatment and prevention. Exercise routines that improve circulation include stretching, dancing, yoga, Tai Chai, and aerobic.Metabolic arthritis, or gout, is one of the one hundred forms of arthritis that characteristically features severe and sudden attacks of pain, swelling, redness, and warmth afflicting the joints.Gouty arthritis is a treatable condition that most commonly affects the joint of the big toe, but may also occur in feet, ankles, knees, hands, and wrists. The first onset of gout generally occurs at night and continues on for a week or two before the symptoms subside. Seventy-percent of first gout attacks occur in this part of the body.Gout is one form of arthritis that made it's debut as early as the eighteenth century. Gout was historically linked to overweight, lazy, middle to upper class, middle-aged men. This perception of gouty arthritis sufferers was born from the fact that many of the foods the influence the onset of gout were routinely reserved for the rich-earning the rheumatoid condition the nickname of "The Disease of Kings." Queen Anne, John Hancock, and American founding father, George Mason are some of history's most noted gout sufferers.Gout occurs as a result of the body hosting uric acid in elevated levels. Only designed to carry trace amounts of uric acid, the human bloodstream turns excess uric acid into crystal deposits that lodge themselves into the joints of the body, sporting a chalky white-colored material. Uric acid buildup occurs during the body's breakdown the waste product called purines. Purines is commonly found in foods like liver, brains, and kidneys, as well as sweetbreads, mushrooms, and asparagus.Natural Cures for GoutSince highly treatable, implementing a number of lifestyle changes can serve as one of the effective natural cures for gout. Adopting a low purine diet is one of the natural cures for gout suggested by some medical professionals. Cherries, strawberries, and blueberries have been identified as some of the staples of a diet low in uric acid. Limiting consumption of fish, poultry, and tofu is also a part of a low purine diet. Other foods to avoid to discourage a gout flare-up include:SardinesSweetbreadScallopsAlcohol BeveragesDiet SodaWho's At Risk For Developing Gout?
The condition is most common among middle-aged men between forty and sixty years old. Women are at an increased rate for developing gout following menopause. African-American men are twice as likely as White men to suffer the onset of gout.By Tim Gorman
Natural Cures For Gout

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