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My Yin Yoga Saviours

By Nadine
There are a couple of Yin Yoga moves that are absolutely helping my body right now. A lot of Yoga classes in a row, a lot of holding Pigeon Pose, somedays leaves me with very sore hands and wrists. And my new workout program includes a lot of squats and lunges which has left me with sore knees. So how do I recover?
I love these exercises for my wrists: Yin Yoga for the Wrists. If I do Pigeon on one side and find that my hands are sore, when I switch to the other side I flip my hands around to work my wrists as well. I'm fortunate enough to be able to flip my hands 180 degrees which gives me an amazing stretch.
I love Virasana for my knees: Yin Yoga for the Knees. I have been doing this any day that my knees are sore from squats and lunges. And I find without fail that my knees feel amazing after.
I admit I was a bit skeptical about these positions that seemed like they were just putting more pressure on an already taxed joint. But in the end, I feel they have made my joints stronger and more stable.
I love Yin Yoga, it's such a great balance to Yang Yoga and to our generally busy lives!

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