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My Thoughts on Glossybox

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
As most of you will probably know, I've been holding off doing a review of June's Glossybox, for a variety of reasons. But, I wanted to share my experiences and thoughts, really to get it off my chest more than anything, because it really has started to wear me out.
To cut a very long story short, I have not had very good dealings with Glossybox since I signed up with them. It really pains me to say this, because I really love one of the girls who works for them, because she is so smart and amazing, and has been a huge supporter of my Positive Beauty Pledge, so I honestly hope that she understands, but I really do not think that the company behind Glossybox has handled the initial start up very well. It just seems to be error, after error, after error, with no real apology, and after getting my postcode wrong for a third month in a row, despite repeatedly advising them of what I assume is a system error, I have been forced to cancel earlier than I had intended.
Some of you might also be aware (through my Twitter rant a month ago), that I was a week receiving my June Glossybox due to this system error, so I was very much aware of the controversy around this box, a long time before I received it. I wasn't impressed with the idea of receiving a Batiste (which, whilst in Superdrug, I discovered a similar sized can being sold for just £1.20!!), as yes, it is a great life-saver for a lot of young women, but you can not justify it as a "luxury" item. I also heard a lot of other murmurs about items that, in the end, I did not receive, so I'm not going to spread rumour, if you know what I mean.
Could I be tempted to go back?
The way that I'm feeling right at this minute, as I wait for Glossybox to confirm my cancellation, is a big fat "NO"!!
But, despite everything, I do think that the idea behind Glossybox is a great one, and when other girls (many of whom are not beauty bloggers) ask whether I'd recommend it, I will never tell them not to. I will share my personal experiences openly, but I will also point out what there is to gain out of signing up. I may also mention competitors, but at the end of the day, it is a personal choice, and depends on what you are looking for overall.
What should Glossybox do to make things right?
First of all, I just want to say that these comments are my personal opinion, of how I personally think that Glossybox could fix their bad reputation.
I just want them to put their hands up, and say that they got it wrong. I'd much rather work with a company that is not afraid to admit to their mistakes, to one that appears to ignore it, and rumours start flying about the deletion of negative comments (I don't know if this is true or not, for the record!) It speaks volumes for a company as a brand, and gains so much respect.
I'd really love them to explain some of their moves. By this, I am quite evidently talking about the sudden addition of £2.95 for postage and packaging. I understand that postage can not be cheap on this size of parcel, and I really can appreciate that fact, but my problem is that they have never (well, not anywhere that I have been able to find) explained why they did this. If they explained, I'd might have been able to look past it, but they haven't so I just can't. Instead they sold this box for £10 INCLUSIVE of postage, and it now feels like false advertising!
My final suggestion, is to sort out their system. I may be an isolated case, but I signed up for my Glossybox using my boyfriend's details, because I didn't have the type of card available, at the time, to do it under my own name. Therefore, it was registered under his name for the Billing Address, whilst I was down as the Shipping Address. Now, both of these addresses are only a 20 minutes drive away from each other, however, he lives under the Doncaster postcode, whilst I live under the Lincoln postcode, so yes, they are very different. So, imagine how confusing it gets for the Royal Mail (and we all know how easy it is sometimes to confuse the Royal Mail!!) when the postcode for Doncaster is appearing below an address that doesn't fit. My May box managed to get here, but my June one did not (however, Glossybox did very kindly send out a new one!)
In hindsight, as I said, I am hoping to have cancelled my account with Glossybox once they confirm my email! But, for now, I have opted to give Boudoir Privy a shot instead. Although, I have to confess that Glossybox has made me incredibly weary of this whole box-genre.

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By Veronica @Boudoir Prive
posted on 18 July at 17:23
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Thanks for mentioning us in your blog,Kat! Just a quick point of correction, you have misspelled our name as Boudoir Privy-it's Boudoir Privé. We are sorry you haven't had a very good experience with GB but are excited that you have decided to give us a try. Though we both send samples every month to our members, this is where the similarities between Boudoir Prive and GB stops. Boudoir Prive is about discovery and we focus on high-end luxury brands.