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My Morning Routine

By Hblack79

Good morning peeps and happy Wednesday!  I’m at the first day of my work conference and I’m excited to see what I learn over the next 2 days.  Nick and I enjoyed some free time at Disney yesterday evening and I’ll be doing a full recap of our trip in a few weeks!  For now, let’s get moving on today’s regularly scheduled blog post.

Are you a morning person?  Do you have a morning routine?

I’m kind of fascinated by people’s morning routine – Do you wake up early enough to work out?  Do you give yourself enough time to shower every single morning and put actual make up on?  (My honest answer: No, absolutely not.)  Do you roll out of bed just in time to throw on clothes, brush your hair and teeth, and grab breakfast to go?

For me to have a good morning (and good day), I’ve decided there are a few things that need to happen.  Here is what my ideal “morning routine” is.  The best part is that if you screw it up one day and you’re rushing around and frantic, you eventually go back to sleep and have the chance to try again!

  • Make My Bed

I feel like my day starts off on the right foot when I make my bed as soon as my feet hit the floor.  I know you probably feel that there is no time for that, but I’ve learned that it takes literally 10 seconds and it’s completely worth it.  Having a nice made bed also helps me get to sleep at night.  When my bed is not made during the day, I tend to leave the rest of my room is disarray as well, so making my bed gives me a greater chance of tidying up later in the day.

  • Love on Cappie

Right after I make my bed, I love on sweet Cappie.  He’s always in the kindest mood first thing in the morning.  He puts the biggest smile on my face seeing him and hugging home.  He sleeps right by my bed, so I can lean down and love on him as soon as my bed is made.  I think a pet perks your mood up, so I definitely suggest having one!


  • Make some hot tea or coffee

I love making a hot pot of coffee or water (for hot tea) in the morning when I have time to sip and enjoy.  It’s not something that I like  to rush.  I will occasionally take mine to-go, but if I have my preference, I wake up early enough to enjoy my cup of coffee while watching an episode of The Office or working on my morning blog post.


  • Run

Running or working out first thing in the morning will ensure that I have a good day.  Regardless of what comes my way, I find my attitude is better and my energy last longer.  When it’s Spring or Fall in Mississippi, the weather is beautiful and I wouldn’t want my workout anywhere but outside.  There are so many studies that show working out first thing in the morning improves your day.

  • Eat a solid breakfast

I used to never eat breakfast.  Seriously, never!  How in the world did I live to see this day?  Breakfast is absolutely non-negotiable for me these days.  I know how important it is to fuel my body early in the morning – it satisfies my hunger through the first part of the day which allows me to focus on work and get stuff done.  I do not function without good food.  Breakfast also jump starts your metabolism for the day, so it’s better for you to eat a healthy wholesome breakfast than to skip breakfast if you’re trying to lose weight.

  • Make Lunch

Don’t forget to make lunch – unless you know for sure what your lunch plans are.  This falls in line with breakfast – if I’m hungry, I will not function properly.  If I at least pack a light lunch and some snacks to fuel my day, then I have a better day all around.  You also save money by taking your lunch every day.

If I can accomplish 90% of this every morning, then I can pretty much conclude that I will have an exceptional day!  It’s not perfect any particular morning, but this is what I strive for.

  • What does your morning ritual look like?
  • What is one (or two) thing(s) that you absolutely MUST do in the morning?
  • Do you make your lunch or eat out every day?
  • What is your favorite wholesome breakfast?

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