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My Laser Eye Surgery with Optimax: An Update

By Lisagray @juicysatsuma
It’s almost been a month now since I had my laser eye surgery with Optimax and I thought it was about time I told you all how I’m getting on!
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Four days after my surgery I had to go back to Optimax to have my bandage lenses taken out. At this point my vision was still quite blurry but I could watch TV or read a book for a good couple of hours at a time before my eyes would start to feel like they needed a break. However my eyelids were quite swollen and every time I put my refresh eye drops in I had to keep my eyes closed for 10 minutes afterwards. It wasn’t painful, just a strange feeling of discomfort.

Getting my bandage lenses out was fine. The optician put numbing drops in my eyes before taking them out with her fingers and I didn’t feel a thing. She then asked me to take a look at the eye chart and then took a look at my eyes with a light and said that everything looked fine. She didn’t tell me what distance I was reading at on the chart and I didn’t ask. I didn’t want to be disheartened as I know Lasek can be a long and slow recovery.

I mentioned the problem I was having with my swollen eyelids and discomfort after using my drops to the optician and she said I was probably allergic to the drops. She gave me some Clinitas Soothe drops instead and they have been absolutely fine.

Two weeks after surgery I had a second check-up at Optimax. This was exactly the same process as the first check-up but this time the optician told me I was seeing better than 20/20 in both eyes with my right eye being a little better than my left. This was the case before the surgery as well. I was beyond thrilled!

I told the optician that while I did feel that my vision was very sharp it did still feel patchy. She said that this is was because I had minor scarring (or haze) across my eyes which was perfectly normal and that it would heal soon.

That brings me up to today and I can honestly say my vision is absolutely perfect. I don’t have words to describe how good it feels and it nearly brings me to tears to think about how happy it’s made me. Lasek has literally changed my life for the better! I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who struggles with glasses and/or contact lenses.

My Laser Eye Surgery with Optimax: An Update

My glasses after I smashed them with a rolling pin :-) I won't be needing them any more!

Only a month after surgery and I have no remaining issues what-so-ever. I can drive at night i.e. I have no halos, starbursts etc. It’s really sunny in Scotland right now (yes you read that correctly!) and my eyes aren't bothered with the light at all. I am still wearing my sunglasses outside though but not because I feel the need to but because I was told to do so for 6 months following surgery.
One thing I would say is that last week I forgot to put eye drops in for the whole day and night (just regular refreshing eye drops from Boots, there’s no medication eye drops left to take at this stage) and my eyes felt awful the next day. Unbelievably dry, red and aching. This was completely my own fault though! My eyes didn’t feel dry at all so I didn’t think it would be a big deal to skip a day of drops. So that’s my advice to you if you have the surgery; even if you don’t feel like you need the drops, use them anyway!

I take my drops in the morning and at night and will continue to do so for another few months but it is no hassle what so ever compared to glasses and contact lenses!
I feel like I’m not properly verbalising my excitement and delight with the results of my surgery but honestly, it really is fantastic! If you have any questions at all about the surgery then please feel free to ask me, I’d be delighted to help if I can!
Lisa x

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