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By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Everyone has their own inspiration, something/someone that motivates them, goals, targets and so on. I would like to share mine - Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. I remember when I first saw Mr Johnson, was many years ago watching WWE - everyone watched it when I was a kid! Compared to other wrestlers, he always had that natural 'flare', a natural connection with the crowd, awesome showmanship. I never used to think 'he would make an amazing actor', because I simply never looked at him past wrestling. He is what I class as a true athlete. Coming from an American Football background, he's always been athletic, and that showed in his wrestling. He was in very good shape throughout his WWE career, but it wasn't until he retired that he actually seriously got in shape. Only The Rock could 'out-do' The Rock! My inspiration
There has been many people voicing their opinions about Mr Johnson and the use of steroids. Obviously I don't know the guy, but i would bet a lot of money on the fact he hasn't used them. He never looked like Jay Cutler or Phil Heath. He was in shape when he wrestled, but his schedule was manic, which didn't leave as much time as people may think to properly work on his physique - and wrestling did 'take it out of you' requiring rest. But once he retired, he had more time on his hands, and the films he got casted for, gave him time to prepare his body. I remember reading an interview with Mr Johnson about working out for one of his film, ans his training was insane! He works out like a madman, and his body shows the results of that! Just because he got tanked after his wrestling career, doesn't mean that he jumped on the steroids train, it simply means he upped his game. Yes, he is big now, but he is also tall, which makes him look like a much bigger man. 
Why do I admire him? because of who he is, what he does and how he does it. He gives his all in everything. When he wrestled, as mentioned, he always had that flare, and no surprise film producers snapped him up. He trains like an animal, but also loves doing things that we all do - being with friends, family, having cheat meals! having a beer, but most importantly - he gives so much of his time to his fans. Many celebrities these days take things for granted and kind of neglect their fans - letting their management control their social networks, but The Rock? he uses his twitter a lot, and his fans love that. I remember reading that he grew up with not that much....and he gives back, to charity and his family. I remember seeing a picture he uploaded, of a car he bought his mother (I think that is right anyway!) 
He is such a cool guy, I admire him in many ways, but he is a true athlete, and I can't wait to see him in more awesome movies! 
If you haven't already, follow him here - The Rock

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