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My Daily Practices

By Nadine
I consider myself to have a purpose (to share Yoga asana and meditation) and a path (my personal exploration of Yoga and Buddhism). The classes I teach each day are part of my purpose, but I also have several things I do each day as part of my path. They change and shift through time, but here's where they are at right now. These are some of the things that bring joy and peace to my day.
Around Noon
  • Yin Yoga practice while doing Mindfulness of Breathing meditation
  • 3 days a week I also go for a run while listening to my Strength playlist on my iPod
Late Afternoon/Early Evening
  • Restorative Yoga practice while doing Mantra Meditation (Guru Ram Das)
Before Bed
  • Oracle reading and Journalling
  • Nadi Shodhana

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