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  • Merlin - Christ Killer

    Merlin Christ Killer

    Let's talk about Merlin. This is a band (out of Kansas City) whom I've known for a little while now. We did a show with them on our tour, we all hit it off,... Read more

    The 11 July 2014 by   Ripplemusic
  • Sinead Harnett – “No Other Way" (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

    Sinead Harnett Other Way" (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

    Singer Sinead Harnett might not be familiar to everyone quite yet, but she has been featured on some Disclosure tracks and has her own great tunes. Read more

    The 16 July 2014 by   Oh So Fresh! Music
  • Looks’ New Video Makes Us Eager for a Live Performance [video]

    Looks’ Video Makes Eager Live Performance [video]

    It took just a few bars for “Everest” to make my ears happy. In the mecca of musical talent that is London, Looks have crafted a standout synth tune that rocks... Read more

    The 02 July 2014 by   Thewildhoneypie
  • Nas Gives Kendrick Lamar Advise For a Classic Sophomore Album ( Interview with...

    Gives Kendrick Lamar Advise Classic Sophomore Album Interview with Complex

    Friday, July 25, 2014 On how to follow up a classic: “I daresay it’s the same thing. After my first record, Illmatic, people were waiting. Read more

    The 25 July 2014 by   Thetrophylife
  • One Last Dance

    Last Dance

    Jonathan PryceLast of the crowdfunding projects Ralph's been checking out this week is One Last Dance starring the legendary actor Jonathan Pryce (Brazil,... Read more

    The 08 July 2014 by   Mike Lindley
  • La Roux’s Trouble in Paradise

    Roux’s Trouble Paradise

    La Roux – Uptight Downtown SoundCloud It’s been five years since La Roux first broke through with their self-titled debut, and since then quite a lot has... Read more

    The 31 July 2014 by   Thewildhoneypie
  • Listen to Maggie Rogers’ Stunning New Album Blood Ballet [stream]

    Listen Maggie Rogers’ Stunning Album Blood Ballet [stream]

    The best music is the kind that originates deep inside the human body, drawn out and left in its truest form, carefully preserved for repeated enjoyment. Read more

    The 01 July 2014 by   Thewildhoneypie
  • July Netaudio Revue 1

    July Netaudio Revue

    MYOT is on a summer submissions hiatus (very, very regretfully), but I’m using that time to catch up on the months of submissions or releases that I noticed... Read more

    The 03 July 2014 by   Allistert
  • Majid Jordan - "U"

    Majid Jordan

    Drake and his OVO sound are going to be taking over the R B/Hip Hop scene (if it hasn't already), which you can add Canadian duo Majid Jordan to contributing... Read more

    The 18 July 2014 by   Oh So Fresh! Music
  • ALBUM REVIEW: Bleachers – Strange Desire

    ALBUM REVIEW: Bleachers Strange Desire

    In case you’ve been standing outside your high school sweetheart’s family home in a trench coat holding up a boom-box in a last-ditch attempt to win her back fo... Read more

    The 20 July 2014 by   Jessedeanlewis


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