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Murad Acne Rapid Response Set

By Kwilliford @ExquisiteEczema
This little, yet powerful set is only $22.00 and contains a cleanser, toner, lotion and clarifying mask. All are 1.0 oz so there is plenty to test out for a few weeks. I have only used everything three times and I can see a difference. I have hormonal acne(I'm assuming, I don't really need a dermatologist to tell me that) and get minor, yet annoying, breakouts once a month. Since this was a good value, I took a chance since I had two blemishes that were not going away with what I had been using. I used the cleanser, toner, lotion and the mask as a spot treatment. It has made such a difference. The blemishes are significantly less inflammed.  Now for a product by product review:
Claifying Cleanser: watery consistency, somewhat medicinial smelling(I'm odd; I love that), cooling sensation, non-irritating, does not require a lot to wash the entire face. 1.5% salicylic acid, which is .5% percent less than most acne cleansers on the market, so it is less harsh.
Clarifying Toner: Also non-irritating, cooling sensation, might be a little drying if overused. I would only use it once a day(at night).
Skin Perfecting Lotion: I think this is what I am most impressed with. I did not expect to be the least bit moisturizing, but I was wrong. My skin felt nice and smooth.
Clarifying Mask: 4% sulfur, which makes it effective but not as harsh as salicylic acid. I use it once a week as a mask, and as a spot treament for other blemishes. It isn't drying ot irritating and does it's job.
After using all of the products, my skin felt clean, but not dry and tight. My skin felt nice and smooth. I have a blemish on my cheek and forehead that were pretty bad. Now they are almost gone. Still a little inflammed visible, but they are much improved and starting to dry up. If these products continue to work this well, I will invest in the full size products.

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