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Moving In

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

We got all moved and are unpacking and trying to get back to some sort of normal around here. I’m just unpacking here and there and I’m glad to be able to cook again! Before we moved we were eating a lot of cold sandwiches, take out, or restaurants because most of our stuff was packed and we had weeks when it was just way to hot in our house to cook. I love cooking and cleaning at our new house.

I’ve never had a dishwasher before so you can imagine my excitement getting a dishwasher at this house. I love it. It’s so much faster and makes cleaning up the kitchen after dinner very easy. Yesterday when Adrian heard the dishwasher it freaked him out. He kept saying “IT’S GONNA BLOW!” and then he’d run away and once I heard him say “I hear it ticking!” It was pretty funny, I don’t think he was really scared just playing. He also keeps walking around saying he’s running from a ghost. I think he’s adjusting well so far.

All of the kids are doing really good. The GPS is my best friend right now because I don’t know how to get anywhere.

If you haven’t entered yet, I have a giveaway in the post below this one. I haven’t been able to share about it too much because of the move and all so please enter it, there aren’t any entries yet!

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