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Mother-Daughter Day at Daired's Spa & Salon

By Arredmon @mamachallenge
Try-it Tuesday: 
Disclaimer: I was provided complimentary services for the purposes of this review, however, all the comments described here are all my own.
This week's Try-it Tuesday isn't anything fitness this time, but I can promise the stylist that the fingers that had to do my hair got a real workout.
Mother-Daughter Day at Daired's Spa & Salon
When you Google "Texas Big Hair," it's my headshot that comes up...we'll maybe not on the front page, but believe me I have a big ole head of crazy hair. It's coarse, curly and long - and when I blowdry it, I resemble something off a Tina Turner video. Needless to say, after 30 something years, finding someone to cut my hair isn't always easy. 
Then I had my beautiful baby girl. While she looks a lot like her mama (God, bless her), she has her own big crazy hair to handle, although it's actually very little like mine. She has the brown curls, but the similarities stop there. She has soft, fine hair with a daddy-gave-me-this hairline I have yet to figure out how to style. So most the time her hair is a little bit of a crazy mess and it's definitely needed some trimming or something or someone to give me a little guidance on what to do with it. 
Mother-Daughter Day at Daired's Spa & Salon

So with an upcoming appearance on TV and limited time to fit just one more thing in, I called Daired's Salon and Spa Pangea in Arlington. I was actually very surprised they actually accepted kids into a salon like Daired's...especially when you look at their services lists for salon, spa, cafe and boutique. But they gladly scheduled us both. 

Sweet goodness, we'll see how it goes. 
Mother-Daughter Day at Daired's Spa & Salon

In my past life, I was privy to get the opportunity to enjoy some of the best spas in Vegas. And while Dallas is full of day spas, very few of them even begin to equal up the experience you get in LV. However, entering Daried's you definitely get a "posh spa" feeling - without the snob appeal. It's interiors are beautiful, colorful and keep your eye wondering while you wait for your turn to hit the chair. I love the fountains both indoors and out. 

Mother-Daughter Day at Daired's Spa & Salon

I had been prepared to have Taylor's cut and then mine so I could assist with a two-year's hair cut. Much to my surprise we had separate stylists and my little girl immediately aged 10 years as she was brought to the chair, put on a smock and began her first big-girl hair cut. Her stylist was awesome and dealt with all the stress from both mom and baby girl perfectly. Taylor actually wanted to go with her instead of mam. Unfortunately, I was getting my hair done, so the pictures aren't so great, but you can see her sitting just like a little princess. I could already tell this would be the first of many experiences with us two gals. 

Mother-Daughter Day at Daired's Spa & Salon

My stylist, George, had asked what I wanted to do with my hair, so of course, I responded with what any normal girl would say, "Make me look like Eva Mendes so Ryan Gosling will fall in love with me." While he couldn't take off the weight around my mid-section, he did take off the weight on my hair and gave it some life. I had bounce and style. And while I don't look like Eva Mendes, I do resemble one of her commercials with all the hair-flipping I've been doing lately. So I guess that counts. 

While I wouldn't never want to call Daired's a family salon and spa, there are definitely opportunities when you can bring in your kiddo for a hair cut or a special day and expect both of you to enjoy it. I had planned to keep her under control so I had reinforcements like goldfish crackers, juice and toys to keep her happy - at least until I snagged her a fresh chocolate chip cookie from the in-house cafe!  

Now don't think I'm about to start having baby girl for massages or facials any time soon, but it was nice to think that if the occasion presented itself, I have a place to bring her. Until then, mama will continue to check out the services like massages, nails or facials, until its her time to drive herself on over and make her own appointments (which could be anytime with this girl.) 

Mother-Daughter Day at Daired's Spa & Salon

Daired's Salon & Spa Pangea
2400 West Interstate 20
Arlington, Texas 76017
(817) 465-9797 or metro (817) 467-9991
Mother-Daughter Day at Daired's Spa & Salon

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