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Morning Workouts - Going Well!

By Veganfitnesscompetitor
Today was my 2nd day of my 5:30 AM workout. I am trying to change it up, even though I really don't love doing machines.
Yesterday I did the stairmill, which I enjoy because it feels so effective.
Today I started with an uphill walk at 15% incline, but it just didn't feel effective, and I didn't like the machine. So I reluctantly switched to the eliptical machine and did 45 minutes. I actually sweated more than I thought I would.
On the days that I don't have a high-impact workout in the evening, I plan on doing things like jumprope, maybe some cardio drills, hillclimbers.
My favorite part of these early AM workouts is not the cardio ;) It's being up and out and about super early. The bus to the gym takes a quarter of the time it usually takes when the roads are full of cars and pedestrians, and the streetlights are turned on. Plus, you can use any machine you want, and the fitness studio is free if you want to do drills, jump rope, set up a circuit for yourself.
So much laundry! I did my laundry Tuesday night, and I had to do it again today because I'm out of clean sports bras. Or, sports brars, as Jill Zaren would say.

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