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More Posts I Meant to Write

By Anytimeyoga @anytimeyoga

Still a little low on inspiration points, so I’m going to do some dashboard housekeeping instead.

These are titles of posts I meant to write at one time but no longer plan to finish (or, in some cases, really start). For some, the idea didn’t pan out as well as I’d hoped. For others, it was a momentary impulse to even write down the title — and I do not remember what I meant to write in the first place.

The list:

Just Because I’m Geeky — I do not remember what this one was going to be about.

Contraceptive Equity, an Entitlement — Also no idea, other than the descriptive title.

And We All Fall Down — I think this was actually going to be an asana sequence that focused on balance postures.

Awkwardness in Yoga Class — When the student next to me walked out in the middle of class after a disagreement with the teacher.

Slowdown or Hiatus or Something — Strangely, I can say that that last one was not talking about these past few weeks.

Getting It Right: One of Those Nights — I had this idea I would look at the Tim McGraw song from an active consent perspective.

A Periodic Reminder — No clue. I hope, for the sake of all that is good and punny in the world, that this was going to talk about menstruation. But maybe it wasn’t.

And I think that’s it. There are more titles and drafts in the “to finish” queue, but I still have hope that I will actually write those. If not, there will be yet another installment of “Posts I Meant to Write.”

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