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By Anytimeyoga @anytimeyoga

Living With Cancer: The Good Patient Syndrome by Susan Gubar at The New York Times’s Well Blog — ” I discussed my oncologist’s research projects, instead of complaining about pain. Generally I answered a nurse’s opening query — “So how are you?”– with a cheery “Good! How are you?” Grumbles about waiting interminably for a scan in a freezing room never rolled off my tongue.”

Endometriosis is not cancer, of course, but I know I’ve spent a lot of years doing the “good patient” thing. Though to a much lesser extent, I’m pretty sure I still do it now.

What to really expect at your first yoga class by Rob Pollak at Rob Complains About Things — “Most likely, these ‘regulars’ claim the same spot at that class every time it is offered. Look for spots on the floor that have been ‘marked’ by regular’s sweat. Steer clear of those locations.”

Permission to Flirt by Autumn Whitefield-Madrano at The Beheld [contains critical analysis of an image with victim blaming statements on it] — “The second time I saw it, though, I made it personal and mused for a moment about how save one ill-advised maxidress and one black sheath that hits just above the knee, literally every single one of my hemlines is within an inch of ‘flirty.’”

And finally, this video from Lindy West, found via Captain Jack and Alice [notes for fat shaming, misogyny, trolling on the video]:

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