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Monkey Balm Review

By Matthewspuzzle @matthewspuzzle


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I told you I am obsessed with the Sea Buckthorn berry and I wasn’t kidding. I found Monkey Balm and it contains that wonderful berry oil that I can’t get enough of. I have been using it on the boys before bed each night. Our middle son, Nico, has always had skin issues. He used to have terrible eczema, which all but went away when we stopped giving him milk, but he is still plagued with dry, and sometimes, rough skin.

What I find totally cool about Monkey Balm is that is comes in a stick form. No getting your hands all gooped up with lotion or creams. Instead you just take the lid off and run the stick over your skin. It is so easy and convenient to use that I have given permission to Nico to use it whenever he needs. It is sort of funny that I found this stick application, since I was just thinking someone needs to make a moisturizer that you could apply hands-free.

monkey balm review

Since using Monkey Balm, Nico’s skin has already gotten smoother. I love Sea Buckthorn and really believe in it’s effectiveness. Nico was showing signs of dry skin around his knees; with just two days application of Monkey Balm the dry skin has turned smooth and soft. I even started using it on Lorenzo. He has a tendency to get chapped cheeks, so I started using the Monkey Balm on his face. Like I said, it is so easy to use, even Lorenzo can apply it without issue.

Nico has claimed the Monkey Balm as his own and seems to really love it. It is reasonably priced at $15.95. I plan to take it with us when we go out and have long days in the sun. It will be easy to apply, it won’t leak and I know it will sooth their skin from sunburn, minor scrapes and burns, even rashes. I’m even thinking of getting some for my dad who has been dealing with eczema for a few years now.

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