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Miniso Haul + Quick Review!

By Meiyuen Chen

Hi guys!

I know it has been a long time , i’m so sorry .. there just have been too many things going on and i’m always trying to find time to blog, so finally..!

Anyway, i stumbled across Miniso Japan while i was out one day. To be honest i really don’t know about this brand but apparently there are a few branches in Singapore (oops, i need to go out more). Miniso feels like a higher class of Daiso (which is one of my favorite places to just wander around), which means that the items are really affordable. Not really like super cheap like Daiso’s $2 stuffs but i’m talking about $3 for a lipstick, $6 for an eyeshadow quad-type of affordable. Ofcourse their products don’t limit to only beauty items, there are travel must haves products, everyday lifestyle product, kinda like Muji and Daiso.

Being the makeup junkie i am, i gotta pick up some products when it is this cheap.


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I’m not gonna review things like mini perfume and eyebrow razors.


1st item – deep fieming(?) cleansing oil.

Price: $4.90 SGD

I’ve never tried a cleansing oil before, and its because i have oily skin, so oils don’t sound attractive to me. But somehow in the internet, i’ve found out that using cleansing oil with oily skin is good (i don’t know about credibility of the source, so anyone who can confirm this, please comment)

This product comes in a 200ml container, but it is quite small and compact, so good for traveling. But, how is the quality of this?

I would say, not very effective in removing makeup. However my face does not feel oily at all when i used this, not until i wet my face after that. It is super hard to remove eyeliner so i just ended up using my Bifesta cleansing lotion for that and would still leave some residue of foundation (yikes) on the skin. I guess i just have to use this to wipe off swatches instead.

I would give it a 2/5


Doesn’t this packaging looks oh-so-familiar? A real techniques brush replica? Yes please!

Real techniques brushes can be found on Sephora SG’s online website and some Watsons store do sell them but they are overpriced. When i saw these brushes, i knew i gotta get them and i’m so happy i did.

The gold-handle brush is a loose powder brush and it is so soft, the bristles are also sturdy and i got a feeling they would not shed soon.

The purple-handle brushes (one for eyeshadow, one for eyebrows) feels the same, soft and made well. But the fluffy eyeshadow brush is abit too big for my small asian crease, which can be a problem but in the end, i feel that it is workable.

And the best part? The loose powder brush is $5.90 SGD and the eyeshadow+eyebrow duo is $3, yes, $3 for both.

I would give it a 4.5/5 – i don’t wanna say too fast that it would be a 5/5 when i only used it once.

Click to view slideshow.

Next would be this eyeshadow quad, which totally caught my attention since the colours look so wearable everyday. I swatched it in the store and bam, i need to have it. The colours were just so buttery smooth and very pigmented. It comes with 3 glittery shade and 1 matte brown.

I tried using the matte brown as a nose contour and it works pretty well.


Yup the swatch is pretty impressive~

Retailing at only $5.90 SGD, it’s really affordable

I would give it a 4/5!


Gotta love this packaging, looks alot like 3CE’s lipstick. There was only 4 shades to choose from and i got this pinkish-red colour, which is super pretty (the swatch on top with the eyeshadows).

It is smooth, creamy and pigmented, however i do feel like my lips can get dry after wearing this sometime so lip balm before applying is a must!

For $5.90, it is pretty decent (Essence have their lipstick at $4.90), but what actually attracted me was the packaging, but the quality is really decent.

I would give this a 4/5

Miniso haul + quick review!
Miniso haul + quick review!

So that’s it folks! Remember to follow me on Instagram @21pandamakeup!

Miniso haul + quick review!

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