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[Review] TheFaceShop x Marvel Eyeshadow Palettes Collection

By Meiyuen Chen

Hi! Im back with a new beauty review~

I have been waiting so long for the new collection to hit Singapore and it finally did ~

Image result for thefaceshop marvel

I only managed to get my hands on the eyeshadow palettes for now, hehe.

[Review] TheFaceShop Marvel Eyeshadow Palettes Collection

[Review] TheFaceShop Marvel Eyeshadow Palettes Collection

[Review] TheFaceShop Marvel Eyeshadow Palettes Collection

First impressions, very compact (aka – small). The pan size of the eyeshadow is really comparable to like a 10cents coin? Second, i thought that the design of the cover would be more cartoonish, instead, it is just a sturdy case with the word “Marvel” on it.

So far, what i listed sounds negative but here are the positives.

  1. Compact = easier to carry around. Plus, it has a very nice sized mirror.
  2. When can a beauty junkie like me ever hit pan on a shade of shadow? I guess the pan size doesn’t really matter (at least for me)
  3. Even though there are the pops of colours like red or blue, the other shadows in the palette are natural enough for everyday. Unless you are into reds and blues daily? Quite versatile for everyone.

Lets take a look at the swatches now

[Review] TheFaceShop Marvel Eyeshadow Palettes Collection

Boom. Pigment.

To be honest, i wasn’t really expecting the color payoff to be so…. naise.

But generally, the light and dark colours of both palettes show up pretty nicely. However, i do notice that #01 CHIC BLUE has a few colours which shows up quite patchy.

Here is a look i did with the 2 palettes.

[Review] TheFaceShop Marvel Eyeshadow Palettes Collection

Some final verdicts

  • The price of this is 34.90 SGD for 1 palette so it is quite a high price for such a small one. I got mine during their promotional period at 15.90 SGD each.
  • Colours are strong and easy to use. Versatile as well.
  • CHIC BLUE can turn out more patchy than STRONG RED
  • If you have no color preference, i would recommend you to get STRONG RED if you have to get one.
  • The colours are generally easy to work with.
  • Pan size is small and palette is compact
  • Final score – 3.5/5 (For the U.P mostly, if not it would be a 4/5 for me)

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