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Mia By Tanishq : As Beautiful As Your Work Story

By Monika @modonika
Kadambari is a working woman as a government school head teacher. She is very simple with all her looks whether it’s fashion clothing, cosmetics or jewelry. She never find herself crazy for suits, skirts, shoes and all other fashion accessories. She always stays busy with her school, family and home. She loves organizing in everything whatever she do. Her daughter Khanak , always ask her to do some makeup and to wear lovely cloths of new fashion trends.
Kadambari always end up saying “I am comfortable what I wear! Don’t I look beautiful my gurl??” Staring and dropping all her love on her daughter. One day while dropping Khanak to school, she finds a big hoarding of Tanishq’s Mia Collection  for working woman. Last night she watched the TV commercial. She got remembered the words of her daughter the way she says them. She decided to have Mia jewelry and will surprise her daughter. Then, she entered the stored to buy, she was getting back just to avoid herself from the glam and glitters. But designs were irresistible to leave elegant look, unique designs and perfect for daily wearing.
Mia By Tanishq : As Beautiful As Your Work Story
She bought two pairs. One pair for herself and other piece of earrings to gift Khanak for her coming birthday. She put on the earrings and went to school. Everybody was staring her with amusement and she was unaware about her jewelry. Her jewelry was the reason of people curious eyes. All people complemented her "mam,you are looking beautiful today." She was so much strict that her colleagues never talk much to her and a compliment was never expected. She was surprised whole day as she was getting compliments from everyone.
 After her school off, she picked up khanak from her school gate. She was too surprised and was happy and smiling a lot. Kadambari think "what’s wrong today!" asking herself in her mind. After getting home she looked in her vanity mirror. She was still finding then her daughter said (standing at the door) “look at earrings, mom”. She got blushed and get a big smile on her face. Khanak complimented her “Mom, you are looking as beautiful as your work that you do with perfection and the earring choice is amazing”. This was the best compliment for her and filled her eyes with tears.
She heartily thanked to Mia jewelry!!
Have a look at Tanishq Mia Jewelry Collection:
Mia By Tanishq : As Beautiful As Your Work Story Mia By Tanishq : As Beautiful As Your Work Story Mia By Tanishq : As Beautiful As Your Work Story
Mia collection from Tanishq is dedicated to working women's as a form of self-expression. Megha in the TVC Tanishq is a woman who resembles common working woman working in companies and offices at different levels who can not left her love for jewelry.
Watch her in TVC Tanishq:
Mia By Tanishq : As Beautiful As Your Work Story

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