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Met Adrian’s New Teacher

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

I think last time I updated my blog I was waiting for a call from Adrian’s teacher or school and Lincoln’s teacher or school. I never heard from anyone at all. This does not put me at ease at all. I do understand that this is an extremely busy time of the year for teachers and other school staff but in my opinion, don’t tell me you’re going to call me or have someone call me and then not call. Just tell me to call back if need be.

Regardless, I went to Adrian’s school website and found out they were having a meet and greet tonight at 5:30 so I showed up there hoping they knew who we were. I entered the school with all the other parents and found a lady greeting people at the door. I asked her to direct me to Mrs. M’s room and she did. I was glad to see Adrian’s name on a welcome board outside the classroom and a desk with his name when I went in the room. I got to meet the teacher and the assistant. Everyone seemed really nice. Adrian did not totally get it, he kept saying “Bye Mom!” and he got a little upset about leaving his school supplies behind in his desk to use come Wednesday when he goes off to school. I was able to give her the binder that his previous teacher had made for her and explain to them that Adrian has been known to run out of the classroom or away from adults in the classroom.

I feel a bit sick about it. I always do when he gets a new teacher. I felt a little like crying last night and I guess I’m just scared and overwhelmed right now.

I have heard nothing from Lincoln’s preschool either. They have his IEP and that is the furthest I’ve gotten with that so far. I’m just going to get Adrian going Wednesday, start homeschooling the girls on Wednesday, and if I don’t hear anything from his preschool within that first week of school I will ring them and see if I can figure out what is going on. Generally it seems like preschoolers start a little bit later by a few weeks then the older kids so I’m not overly concerned. Sending both boys off to school right now may send me over the edge anyway…

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