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Mental Weight Loss!

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
I'm sure that if you ask 1000 people 'what do you have to do to lose weight?' they will all say - 'exercise', but is it just about that?
What works before your muscles? your brain, and that's where it all starts - in the mind. To lose weight, and keep it off for good, then you have to have a strong mind. People that are overweight/obese usually have one thing in common - a weak mind, which leaves their body vulnerable. Many things can trigger weight gain - a family/relation death, bullying, a sudden change in life, and many more. Its very easy to have something happen in your life which can lead to weight gain, but it takes a lot of strength to overcome that mindset which will then give you the power to lose weight. If you can look yourself in the mirror and accept that you have let yourself go and treated your body badly, then you can do something about it. Don't just give 'a diet a go', you need to give a full healthy lifestyle a go.
If you can focus your mind on taking back control of yourself, then you will lose weight and get in shape. There will be temptations along the way, but that's where your mind can kick into gear and say 'no thank you, I don't need that!'. By learning mental strength, you will then develop physical strength. It's known that your mind will quit before your muscles, and that is so true. People who don't quit and get through any challenge, often its not down to their physical strength or endurance, its down to the strength of their mind.
Your body can do far more than you think it can, but it needs to be told by your brain. If you easily quit, you will never succeed.
You need to focus on why you want to lose weight, what things you currently cannot do because of your weight, what things could you potentially not be able to do if you gain more weight, and what your life would be like if you lost the weight. Focus on those things and you will have the motivation and will power to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead.
It will be tough.....both physically and mentally, but will it be worth it in the end??
Hell yes!

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