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Meet Janette – Weight Loss Super Star – 250+ Pounds Lost!

By Slimshoppin @slimshoppin

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I found Janette on Facebook a few weeks ago. I’m always looking for people who are an inspiration to me and others. I especially like people who are able to change their lives and lose weight by working hard and eating better without having to resort to surgery. Since I liked her page, I’ve found her You Tube Videos and have watched all of them. She is eager to share her story with everyone who will listen. I asked her my standard questions and here is what she had to say:

1. What was your “aha” moment when you decided you needed to do something about your weight?

My ultimate “aha” moment was in March of 2011 when I received a seat belt violation because I was too heavy to buckle up.

2. Had you tried to lose weight in the past – were you successful when you tried?

I have tried to lose weight a gazillion times before. I actually convinced myself I was actually unable to lose weight.

3. How did you find time for yourself to concentrate on losing weight?

I really got tired of not being able to do things that I should have been able to do especially at my age. When things become important to you *LIFE* you find the time. I think more than anything I was ready to change and take my life back.

4. What kept you going? Were there times where you wanted to give up?

Like I mentioned earlier, I had convinced myself I was unable to lose weight so when it started coming off, I wanted more. I made monthly goals. I created a vision board. I journaled, so I made my environment equipped for success. I never wanted to give up, but there were times I got discouraged.

5. How has maintenance been, is maintaining harder than losing weight?

I actually do not consider myself in the maintenance stage. I am actually striving to lean out and build muscle. This will required a lot more work.

6. Did you exercise while losing weight, if so, what do you like to do for exercise?

I started off with walking; weighing in at over 400 pounds it was really all I could do. I maximized my walking by increasing time and speed. I later went on to doing other machines like the elliptical. I do zumba classes, circuit routines and of course weights.

7. What are some tips that helped you along the way?

Keeping a positive head space is vital, not obsessing over the scale, using any negativity as fuel, and competing only with myself.

8. Did you have people in your life that weren’t positive towards the changes you were making?

I have had some negative come from my weight loss, but in retrospect it is actually positive. I have been accused of holding myself to a higher esteem in comparison to others. I have lost friendships. I am okay with this because people who want to be a part of your life are the ones who are in it. I was totally unaware that this was possible and at first I was hurt by it, but I realize these feelings about me were not actually about me. I saved my life and this is my 1st and biggest priority and concern, everything else pales in comparison.

9. What was a typical eating day like when you were heavy?

A typical eating day would be eating any and everything I wanted and hoping it didn’t show up in my waist line, although I knew it would. I kind of blocked out what I was doing, because it made me feel guilty and powerless. I lacked control and was an emotional eater. I would not dare look at the label, because the guilt was just too far – too much. I knew what I was doing to myself, but I felt I had the complete inability to stop.

10. What are some of the things you’ve been able to do now that you’ve lost the weight?

Some of the things I am able to do now is walk without constant pain, run, cross my legs, wear a belt, do cart wheels, paint my toes, walk into a room with confidence….WEAR SINGLE DIGITS!!! Never dreamed of it. I will never stop sharing my story, because I assure you if I can do it absolutely anyone can. Oh and how could I forget – I can buckle my seat belt!

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Thank you so much Janette for sharing your story. What you also don’t know about Janette is she was a teenage Mom to a son with autism, she’s lost her brother, her sister, her mom and dad, she’s had difficult relationships, had major life issues including homelessness, and yet she was still able to overcome all that!

So proud of you Janette, and keep up the great work!

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